The FloydShow (2002-2014)

“There are tribute bands, and there are Tribute Bands. Sons Of Nothing deserve the capital billing.”

-Bill Frost, Salt Lake City Weekly

The FloydShow made its official debut at Flyin’ Zion 2002. SoN guitarist/vocalist Tim Hollinger and I had initially bonded over our mutual Pink Floyd fandom, and would regularly throw covers of their tunes into our early shows. When we got the invitation from the festival’s organizers to play two full tribute sets over two nights, we were thrilled. We threw ourselves into it full force, recruiting extra musicians and crew, and had a fantastic time. I had been involved in similar events before, but this experience was on another level. Simply put, it was magical.

What was supposed to be a one-off gig became a fun ongoing side project, then essentially took over the band’s existence for the next few years, after catching on with local, then regional, audiences. We played a boatload of shows at home and on the road, with more and more elaborate and ambitious production. We played to amazingly enthusiastic audiences. We got to explore every nook and cranny of the Floyd catalog. And eventually, we even found a way to combine our own music with the tribute, “opening for ourselves” as it were. It was a heck of an adventure, while it lasted.

In 2007, it was decided to split the two projects back up, with  Matt Meldrum and I refocusing on SoN’s original music and Tim leading The Floyd Show into the future with a new lineup. Although I knew it was for the best, I missed the tunes, and the family. Every now and then we would sit in at each other’s shows, and it was nice to get a dose of the old magic again.


In 2014, Tim passed away unexpectedly, and past and present members of The Floyd Show and SoN came together to pay homage to our fallen brother, and our floydian heroes, one last time. The music was epic. The emotions ran high. It was a truly grand finale, and despite our hearts being broken over the reason for the show, it was indeed a magical night.

I still miss the tunes, and I still miss the family. Talk of a reunion gig has been floated from time to time. I don’t know if it will ever happen, or when we’ll meet again. But I will always be grateful for the magic we made.