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Date: Sun 15 Aug, 2004 at 19:21
Headline: Ego's, Round II

Greetings & Salutations!

Earlier this summer when we played Ego's for the first time, Greg was regaling us with stories of his previous experiences at the club, some years ago, when it operated under a different name. Apparently the building has seen its share of riots, raids, injury, damage and death in the past, and he was sort of half-jokingly superstitious about playing there again. During the show, there was more instance of gear malfunctioning than usual, and there was much joking about gremlins and such afterwards. Whatever dark power was hanging in the rafters seemed to leave Greg alone, though. He had one of his best shows ever that night. Well...this time around, he wasn't so lucky. While setting up he discovered that his tom-tom mount was stripped, leaving his kit effectively spineless. The problem was eventually fixed -- after much brainstorming, trial, error, and frustration -- but the situation definitely left a mark on the evening. Fortunately no one else seemed to be plagued with major breakdowns, and once we had all the prep work done things proceeded more-or-less smoothly from showtime onwards.

Musically, it did take us a little while to find our groove last night. The originals set seemed from the stage to be a bit of a jumble; fluctuating tempos, fluctuating energy. We were still ironing out the stress after a late soundcheck and it was hard to get a read on the crowd. But once we slid into Dark Side Of The Moon after the break, things clicked into place and were going so well that we decided to blow off our second break and keep playing until closing time. Ron Quist, filling in for Flanders on sax, did a great job. I felt bad that we had to stick him in the back for some of the tunes, since stage space was so limited, but we were able to get him upfront for 'Money', and everyone seemed to enjoy that.

Fozz put together some awesome new video for the occasion, which should also serve us well when we play DSOTM next week in Washington. In fact, we played pretty much the same set list that we're sticking with for the next few shows, so as to polish everything to a high gloss and make a good impression at the Whitehorse Mountain Rock Festival in Darrington. It's the smart thing to do, but I can tell that we're already getting a little restless on some of the tunes. The next hometown show we play is definitely gonna feature some shake-ups in the set list department.

Great crowd as always; a little rowdier than the folks who showed up to the Liquid Joe's gig last month, but still a bit nervous about hitting the dance floor until the show's home stretch. The blacklights in the club gave us all a deceptive idea of how many people were actually there, as I noticed when I asked for cheers from the folks wearing white (the only ones I could really see form the stage), and then from everybody else (the latter cheers were considerably louder). Lots of newbies at this show, and I'm glad that there are still folks out there discovering us, as well as discovering cool downtown clubs like Egos. Charlie and Co and doing their best to fill the void left by The Zephyr, and I hope we can, in our own small way, help them to greater success.

Between sets and after the show, it was a rare opportunity to get the chance to hang with so many friends, both old and new. Thomas Garner and Jeff Morgenegg from Utah Metal Magazine were there, taking in their first Floydshow, as well as a few hall-of-fame fans like Gregg Hale and Todd Mower, both of whom have now past the 15 show mark. We all got a chance to meet Eric Litovsky's lovely fiance' Helen (who, despite never having heard a drop of PF in her life, enjoyed the show very much), John Clark came out to say hi and show fellow-musician solidarity, and Fozz and I shared our traditional post-show breakfast with our friend Dave Freestone and SoN Hospitality Queen Jennie Neilson, who did a fantastic job promoting the mailing list and CDs.

The Road awaits...time to start making my lists and checking them twice. :)

bye for now