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Date: Fri 13 Aug, 2004 at 11:16
Headline: Snapshot

(Inspired by an entry in my friend Krista's LiveJournal)

A Random Day In June 2004

Me: S'pose I'd better get cracking on these Full Metal Alchemist episodes that Krista was nice enough to burn for me.

Myself: Ok, but just one. Alone or not, you still have work to do.

[watches 4 episodes straight through]

Myself: What the...? That wasn't just one.

Me: Sure it was! One disc's worth.

Myself: That wasn't the agreement.

Me: Well, then you should be more specific from now on.

Myself: Noted. So we're done with this now, right?

Me: Absolutely.

[watches 8 episodes of FullMetal Panic Fumoffu straight through]

Myself: Hang on!

Me: What?

Myself: I thought we were done...

Me: ...with FMA, yeah. What's the problem?

Myself: Don't you have songs to write?

Me: Uh...maybe.

Myself: And a web site to launch?

Me: Fozz is much smarter than I am. He can handle it.

Myself: And digital back-ups to make of every LP, casette, VHS, DVD, and Audiobook that you own?

Me: Oh, please. You actually took that idea seriously?

Myself: How about just cleaning the kitchen or mowing the lawn?

Me: I'll get to it, Ok? What's your point?

Myself: I'm just saying that maybe it's time to get away from staring at this screen and do something else. You have the house to yourself for the next several weeks, and you should be using that time productively.

Me: Yeah...I guess you're right. [reaches for Angel Season 2 boxed set...]

...wash, rinse, repeat...