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Date: Sun 08 Aug, 2004 at 16:22
Headline: Still Crazy

Greetings & Salutations!

I had the opportunity to once again check out CRAZY RED this weekend. Formed by John Clark and Ray Opheikens out of the ashes of Jupiter, they have been getting more and more active on the gig circuit this year. Ron, their keyboardist/saxophone player will be jamming with us at next Saturday's gig @ Ego's, so Friday night I stopped by Docky's to drop off a CD and check out the show. I ended up staying a lot longer than I had planned, catching up with Ray & John between sets and having a lot of fun listening to the band charge through songs that we used to play together along with a bunch of new additions to their set list. The sound mix was much improved from the time I saw them at The Filling Station earlier this year, and it's always great just to see the guys happy and playing.

With their lead singer Nicole currently out of action having a baby, it fell to the boys in the band to take up the vocal slack, and I have to admit that they're doing it well. Ray especially is really starting to come into his own as a singer/frontman. He was always the best of us in Jupiter at working the crowd (he'd take the mic on 'Blister In The Sun', wade out into the audience and just go to town) and now he's gaining more confidence with doing it full-time from behind his bass. He even tackled the, er...uncomfortably high vocals of Faith Hill's 'Breathe' when the crowd requested a country ballad, and credibly pulled them off. And good buddy that he is, he gave SoN a plug when he spotted me in the crowd and invited me up on stage to sing on a hyper-kinetic version of 'Sweet Home Alabama'. What a guy! :)

I also got a chance to speak with Ron about the sax work he's gonna be doing, and he seemed excited to be playing the Dark Side tunes next weekend. I'm also excited to whip that album out for the first time since last October's magnificent Zephyr gig and play it for the home crowd. See you then!