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Date: Sun 18 Jul, 2004 at 14:47
Headline: Solid Liquid

Greetings & Salutations!

Yeah, I know. Go ahead and say it. Quite possibly the lamest story title I've ever used. No argument here. It should, however, give you some idea as to why this is only the second update that I've made in the past several weeks. The writing mojo is...elusive, sometimes.


We had a fine time at Liquid Joe's on Friday night. Though we've played there before, both individually and collectively, this is the first time we've visited the place since we started doing regular FloydShows. It was also the first time we've had both Eric and Flanders on stage with us since January, and it was great to hear the full weight of the Big Band's sound again. We took full advantage of their respective presences to lean into the entire Wish You Were Here album, which as I have mentioned before is my favorite Pink Floyd opus of all time. I would happily play it at every show, if I thought the crowd (or the band, for that matter) would let me get away with it. ;)

The audience was psyched, and very focused on the purely musical aspects of the show -- they even had some spontaneous cheers for the twin guitar flourishes in 'Mr Serious', a brand new SoN song which was being played in public for only the second time ever. In fact, I was very happy with how the original set was received in general. It's always great when people are willing to stick that out with us and check out some songs that they likely haven't heard before...even better when they end up loving what they hear.

Good to see so many familiar faces, too. Quite a few of us had family or friends attending whom we hadn't seen at a show in a long time, or ever in some cases. During the SoN set, I was surprised to hear "Poison Ivy!" shouted out, and looking into the crowd I spotted Chris from the Naked Orphans, whom I hadn't seen in years. I ran through one chorus for him (somewhat surprised that I still remembered it), and we spent some time between sets catching up on each other's recent musical adventures.

And best of all, everything felt smooth on stage, at least from my perspective. There are nights when I feel like I'm wrestling with my instrument just to barely get the job done, and there are nights when the two of us get along fine and every musical whim seems effortless as breathing. Happily, this night was one of the latter. :)

Many thanks to Kelly, Matt, and the rest of the staff at Liquid Joes for your hospitality. See you again this Fall!

bye for now