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Date: Tue 25 May, 2004 at 16:00
Headline: Another Famous First

"Let's go to work!"
-Angel, Not Fade Away

Greetings & Salutations!

It's not that individually we're strangers to the road (hell, Greg's probably done more shows on tour than the rest of us have done in our lives, period) but it was still the first SoN show out of Utah, and that made last Saturday's gig in Green River Wyoming at least a semi-momentous occasion.

Turns out that despite the best laid plans, the concept of "early soundcheck" is as much a myth there as anywhere, but we gave it a good shot. At least we had time for dinner between then and showtime...more time than we initially thought, actually, since we ended up putting the show off for an hour or so. Turns out that 11:00 is when people just start arriving (rather than leaving) en masse in places outside Utah. Sure enough, the place didn't really get hopping until midnight, and we kept the tunes coming until 2:00am. We even had time to throw in a request or two, such as our impromptu stab at 'On The Turning Away', which we hadn't played live since...oh, 2002 or so. Always fun to torment Matt by throwing that one in. :)

The crowd was very enthused and loudly appreciative of the FloydShow. Audience response is so important, and something I often take for granted about playing live. The way these guys would cheer wildly with recognition at the beginning of each song was a very uplifting reminder -- especially after the largely indifferent reaction we received in Nephi a couple of weeks ago. They even seemed to dig the SoN tunes for the most part, and we sold what I would consider a respectable number of CDs considering that this crowd had never heard (or heard of) us until that night.

The band, as I predicted, was ready. Matt handled full-time keyboard duties with gusto, Tim kicked copious amounts of ass despite also consuming copious amounts of alcohol, and Juli & Greg were on top of their game as well. We rushed a bit here and there (and some of the new original tunes still need polish), but overall I thought it was as well-played a gig as we've ever had. Even Fozz had finally worked most of the bugs out of his system and his visuals really, so to speak. ((for his perspective on the weekend, check out the Fozzolog).

My only regret about the show itself was that due to not getting enough sleep for the previous couple of nights, my contacts were drying up and I was dead on my feet by the 3rd set. I actually played a lot of that set with my eyes closed and my hair over my eyes to cover it...hopefully that just came off as a "persona" ;)

Larry & Cory (the owner & technical director of Club MCs) treated us well, and the people were very friendly to us between sets and afterwards. Many of them told us that they had friends who would love the show and that they would be sure to spread the word. Hopefully we'll get a chance to head back and play to a fuller house sometime soon.

As for the rest of this week, I'm planning to relax and enjoy my birthday, then have a blast on Saturday as we play here at home for the first time since last December. We've decided that we will be playing a full album this time, but we won't say which one until the night of the gig. Oooooooh, mysterious!

bye for now,