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Date: Sat 22 May, 2004 at 08:38
Headline: Toes In The Water

"now the sparks are gonna fly
cos I'm turned on again
burning up the future
I'm taking off"

-Catherine Wheel, 'Sparks Are Gonna Fly'

"Good news, everyone..."
-Professor Farnsworth, Futurama (inevitably followed by bad news)

Greeings & Salutations!

My bags are packed, my affairs are in order, and I'm sitting here waiting for Fozz to pick me up for our trip to Green River WY for tonight's gig at MC's.

Last Saturday's gig at the Salt Creek Sports Lounge was helpful in getting the rust knocked off our live show, but technical troubles and low turnout (in Nephi? Wow, what are the odds?) did make the evening less than stellar. And here we are again, venturing into new territory. As always, I'm ambivalent, hoping for the best but braced for the worst. One thing I do know is that we're ready. The bugs are worked out, the band is in shape, and everyone's eager to get out there and let the sparks fly. Whatever this gig/venue/town throws at us, we're going to kick some ass tonight.

On a side note, I paid a visit to Club Egos last night. We're set to play there next week and with any luck it could end up as our new home in Salt Lake City. The staff there was friendly and the stage, while a bit unorthodox in shape, looks like it's going to be more than able to handle our show. Apparently the club is as excited as we are, because we've been given a downright unweildy stack of FREE TICKETS to give out. If anyone is interested in grabbing a few, e-mail me and stake your claim.

I also managed to catch a chunk of the Achilles Last Stand set last night at Banana Joe's. Our Zeppelin-fueled friends were tearing it up on the outside stage, and I understand that KBER 101 was doing a live remote from the club a little earlier. The band was tight -- even better than the last time I saw them, when they were still calling themselves Dyer Maker. They have a new guitarist and drummer now, both of which have definitely elevated the band's game, and they have also been putting a lot of work into their harmony vocals, which was one of the only things I thought was missing in their sound before. With the Triple Tribute on the backburner for now, I'm thinking more and more about doing a double-bill with these guys just for kicks. I'll bet a person or two would show up. ;)

Well, time for a final bag-check before heading out the door. Full report on tonight's show to follow...

bye for now,