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Date: Tue 20 Apr, 2004 at 08:38
Headline: Watching & Waiting...

Greetings & Salutations!

Waiting, pt 1

Had a decidedly unproductive but still enjoyable writing session with Tim & Matt last night. We did manage to get the new opening SoN setlist put together, with some interesting shifts in mood and style compared to what we've been playing for the past year or so. If all goes well, we will have at least three new songs integrated into the live show by the time we hit the stage again, which will be....gah, I don't even wanna think about it...


It's been quite the entertainment-fest these past few weeks. Having given up on Futurama after a so-so first season and being completely unable to locate its time slot for weeks on end, I'm now enjoying the re-runs on The Cartoon Network, and it's a pleasant surprise to see how well the show developed in later years. It's a hell of a lot funnier than The Simpsons has been in a while. Also, TNT has finally got around to airing Season 4 of Angel which means that I'll have been able to experience the entire run of the show before it takes its final bow in 5 weeks...*sniff*...

I missed Timeline in theatres last Fall, but finally got a chance to take a look at it on DVD last week. As expected, it's nowhere near the intellectual peer of the Michael Crichton novel that it's based on and is therefore a lot less interesting (half the fun of a Crichton book is the expository science) but still manages to come off as decent popcorn entertainment, albeit from a director who used to provide GREAT popcorn entertainment (Richard Donner: Superman, Scrooged, Ladyhawke, Goonies, Lethal Weapon, etc).

And speaking of long-awaited DVD viewings, I did end up getting a chance to check out Kill Bill Vol.1 before heading off to to the theater with Travis to se Vol 2 on opening night. The first one was strong genre filmmaking, but left me a little cold and felt gimmicky in places. The second was an audacious piece of cinema that impressed me on just about every level, including bringing in some genuine character interest which was missing the first time around. Quentin Tarantino's confidence as a filmmaker is pretty astounding, and amazingly the audience really seemed to get where he was going with it all; simultaneosly mocking and embracing pulp cliches in a thoroughly post-modern way, taking long detours from the main storyline at unexpected moments, making such hard swings between the humor, horror, sorrow, and joy as to induce emotional whiplash. But it all worked, and worked beautifully. I'm looking forward to watching both films back-to-back, as they were originally intended to be a single epic story. Also, and not insignificantly from my point of view, Tarantino is nearly unmatched at integrating pop music into the framework of a film. (I might give a slight edge to Cameron Crowe, but only because his tastes are more similar to my own). In other words, I want the soundtrack to these movies playing in my car immediately if not sooner.:-}~~

Waiting, pt 2

I haven't been on stage on over a month, and haven't been on stage with my own band since January. It's killing me. Bookings are now srtating to fly in, and I know we're going to have a busy Summer/Fall both here and on the road, but just getting to that first gig (which is looking to be the Salt Creek Sports Club in Nephi UT nearly another month away) is gonna....grrr, aargh.

Must rock. MUST ROCK SOON...