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Date: Mon 01 Mar, 2004 at 15:38
Headline: Chasing Blue Skies

Greeings & Salutations!

Blue skies are back today in the Salt Lake Valley. I keep hearing weather reports about another snowstorm closing in sometime this week, but right now it feels so much like springtime that I can barely resist going outside long enough to finish typing the end of this sentence, let alone an entire update. I'll try to make this one short.

Professionally Bitter?

Now that the murderous rage over Saturday's cancellation has subsided, I'd like to thank a few people: Brian Thur, for taking time out of an already busy schedule to come down to the club saturday afternoon and study both the lighting rig and the setlist; Marty Steinberg for gamely stepping into the drumming gap when Greg was called away for the weekend on a medical emergency in his family; and Julie Felix for being incredibly supportive and going to the mat for us right up to the last possible second. To all of you, thanks for your efforts, and for continuing to be friends and colleagues regardless of Saturday night's outcome. You rock.


Last night's Oscar Bash with Travis and Aelisha (10 years now and still going strong) was tremendous fun and soothed the soul, despite a number of disappointments:

1) Good to see LOTR: Return Of The King take home the top honors, if for no other reason than to see a film from the fantasy genre finally receive some Academy Props. As my guardo camino Rick Emerson put it: "2004, the Year Of The Geek!" Woohoo! However, I think the clean sweep of all 11 awards was a bit, er...much. The film was clearly outstripped in many of the categories for which it was nominated (including, but not limited to, Best Song and Best Editing) and while I understand the pent-up desire to tacitly award the entire trilogy finally being unleashed after 3 years of patience, perhaps some sense of proportion and perspective got lost along the way. Oh well.

2) Bill Murray wuz robbed. Although I acknowledge that Sean Penn is a strong actor and in retrospect it seemed most likely that he would be taking a statue home last night after 3 nominations and no wins, I was saddened that the Academy chose to overlook Murray's soulful, nuanced performance in Lost In Translation. The guy is a freakin' genius, a cinematic treasure, and may never get a shot like that again. I also enjoyed Johnny Depp's turn in Pirates Of The Carribean and applaud the Academy for seeing their way to nominating him in the first place. Perhaps I wouldn't be grumbling so loudly had Depp won instead of Penn...after all, a win for Pirates is a win for the Geek Team(tm).

3) Finally, here's Self-righteous Musician Guy coming out to proclaim: There ought to be a rule that the winner of the Best Song category hinges on whether the song itself was instrumental (so to speak) in the fim itself. And by that, I mean that source music, whether performed by the actors in the film or simply pushing the plot forward in some way, should always trump some damned pop ballad that gets tacked onto the credits. Always. Much as I love Annie Lennox, her song was mediocre and only tangentially connected to the film. The fact that it won out against such exuberant, creative and film-relevant fare as 'Bellville Rendezvous' and the brilliant folk-pastiche 'Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow' I can chalk up to general LOTR-mania, but shutting out Jack Black (who, along with Will Ferrell, provided the evening's funniest moments), not even nominating his work in School Of Rock, is just flat-out ludicrous.

Project Much?

Ok, maybe the rage is still kinda there and just looking for some new targets. Ah well. Still excited to focus my energies on the future, and for SoN that means new tunes. It's another writing/demoing session tonight at Meldrum's place, and I'm very much looking forward to...well, looking forward.

Time to go outside in the sun, play with my daughter and forget about everything else.

bye for now,