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Date: Sun 29 Feb, 2004 at 14:46
Headline: Whaaa?

Hi Folks

It's 9:36pm MST, and I'm at home on my computer rather than onstage with my bass. And it sucks.

The band was 30 minutes away from soundcheck for our gig at Club Sound in Salt Lake City tonight when word came that the club's owner had pulled the plug. The show was cancelled effective immediately, and the venue was to shut down for the night. No adequate explaination was forthcoming, though it seems that tonight's snowy weather was a factor in the decision (big dollop of "whaaa?" there, considering the respectable turnout we had when playing the same venue in December after the hellacious mega-blizzard of 2003, in comparison to which this storm looks like a slight breeze, but I digress). I know that this note will come too late to warn off anyone who was planning to attend, so I would like to extend my most sincere apologies on behalf of the band and the promoter. We were given absolutely NO CHOICE WHATSOEVER in this matter.

I have been assured that those of you who purchased your tickets in advance will be able to receive a refund from SmithsTix.

To those who have gone out of your way to spread the word on our shows, who trust us to deliver high-quality entertainment for your hard-earned money, and who made your way through the rain and snow only to find that the venue had no interest in your patronage this evening, I again apologize. Believe me, your disappointment frustration is a microdot compared to ours. If you are interested in sharing said disappointment and frustration, you may contact Club Sound at 328-0255 and speak with owner Tom Taylor, who personally made the decision to cancel tonight's show.

We will be playing in Salt Lake City again soon, and I promise we'll make it worth the wait.

shine on,