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Date: Sun 15 Feb, 2004 at 11:52
Headline: By Popular Demand

Greetings & Salutations!

Excuses, Excuses...

Ok, it's been a while since I've posted any new notes. Not that it's a terribly consequential thing (I'm still convinced that only 2.7 people read this stuff, tops) but Fozz has been bugging me about it (albeit subtly) and since I'm making some web site updates today anyway I thought I'd chime in with a few brief words on the story so far. I could lean on lots of excuses for being away -- my daughter has been sick, I've been sick, I'm having a creative writer's block right now and it's affecting everything else I lay my brain on -- but what it really comes down to is good old-fashioned proscrastination. The longer one waits to write, the more things there are to write about, and the more daunting the whole thing becomes, which leads to putting it off further, etc. A "vicious trapezoid", as an old friend of mine used to say. Anyway, I'm here now, and here's what's been going on...


Though snow, sleet, dark of night, lack of parking spaces, and microphones being set up in slow motion all stood in the way, we managed to draw our biggest Park City crowd ever at the January 30th Harry O's gig, and had a great time playing to them. A very laid-back audience in general; not much energy on the dance floor, but racous applause between songs. Many thanks to our friend Mike Beck for his soul-stirring acoustic interlude between the SoN and FloydShow sets, and for being a force of musical positivity in general. Great guy. After the gig, I had the chance to talk to a trio of gentlemen from England who had come to PC for the skiing that weekend, but being PF fans, decided to check out the show out of curiousity and ended up staying for the duration. They were very effusive in their compliments, and -- in common with many people who walk away from our gigs impressed -- they were surprised to learn that the band actually hails from Utah. Don't know what's up with that, but I suppose if we can manage to satisfy British PF fans, we must be doing something right. ;-)

Our appearance on Randy Barton's newly re-titled TV program Mountain Views was of the less-talk, more-action variety this time around. No interviews, but we got a chance to banter with him during the news and we played a few more songs than last time. The show seems to have undergone some revisions during Sundance 2004, with a more focused format, higher production values all-around, and a new female weather reporter whose mere presence was the highlight of the night for just about everybody. Big shock to the room there.

Blocking It Out

Work on new SoN music continues unabated...well, occasionally abated, but we're doing our damndest. Tim and I have been meeting regularly at Matt's home studio to jam, record, and piece bits of creative matter together to form what will hopefully be a new CD this Fall, and new tunes in concert sooner than that. It is still possible that we may have at least one song ready to go for the upcoming February 28th gig, but unfortunately the song we have closest to completion musically is one for which I have volunteered to write the lyrics, and they aren't exactly flying out of me in a fast and furious manner at the moment. We'll see...

Tribute Troika

I have a meeting tonight with some key SoN people as well as reps from a coupel of other local tribute bands. We are making plans for what could be the biggest, baddest, boldest concert project any of us have ever attempted...or at the very least, a good excuse to throw a Carl Roehmann a bitchin' birthday party. More to come on that subject soon.

Bye for now,