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Date: Thu 29 Jan, 2004 at 12:38
Headline: Getting Ready...

Greetings & Salutations!

Everyone here at Camp SoN is psyched for the first concert of 2004 tomorrow night. We're hitting Park City for the first time in months, and bringing along our friend Mike Beck for a short acoustic performance in between the original and FloydShow sets. This will also be Flanders first time playing with us at Harry O's, which we're very much looking forward to. I spent a little time with him yesterday working over arrangements for the new tunes we're playing at this gig, and he seems as jazzed as the rest of us.

Speaking of jazz in a non-metaphorical sense, I managed to catch the Don Rogerson Quartet (featuring our own Eric Litovsky on bass) last night at Club Sound for a lively set of jazz/funk/ska instrumentals. Don, who played sax for us a couple of years ago, sounded as great as ever. He and the rest of the band seemed very relaxed and confident. I was impressed with both their playing and the solid crowd they managed to draw on a Wednesday night, which is no mean feat for this genre of music in this town. Eric, as well as being able to tackle keyboards/guitar/percussion/trumpet/whatever with aplomb, is also a superb bass player. Chops-wise, he's way overqualified for the work he does with SoN. It's somewhat disconcerting at times, knowing that there are at least 3 guys in our band who can probably play my parts better than I can. ;-)

Fozz and I have been trading Floyd-related DVDs this week. I lent him my new copy of the Live At Pompeii Director's Cut and I got his Making Of Dark Side Of The Moon documentary. Both focus on my favorite era of the band -- post Syd Barret, Pre Worldwide Platinum Success and Subsequent Burnout -- and both have been a great pleasure to watch. As we are now in the process of working on new original material, I am always open to soaking up and applying anything I can about songcraft from various sources, and I've never seen a better example of the use of space in rock music than that of the early Floyd. As the cliche goes, "you have to listen to the notes they aren't playing..."

As a warm-up for tomorrow's show, we're going to be appearing on Park City Faces tonight. Those in the Summit County area can catch us at 6:00pm on channel 45 (or 8 for cable) throwing down some unplugged tunes and dicussing this and that with our esteemed host Randy Barton. Should be a kick as always. Full report to come...