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Date: Mon 29 Dec, 2003 at 11:28
Headline: Holiday Roundup part 1

Greetings & Salutations!

Wanna See Something Really Scary...?

To pretentiously quote one of my own lyrics, "I can't remember when I've ever felt this cold" (actually, I can: Winter 1990 in Logan. Days and days of double-digits below zero and the pipes froze -- twice -- but that's neither here nor there).

I was going to use some clever pun (is that an oxymoron?) incorporating news of our latest show with the hellacious snowstorms we've been witnessing here in Utah into the title of this entry, but since Fozz beat me to it (and kicked the ass of anything I had yet come up with) I'll just let it go. :-)

Suffice it to say, we had a blast in spite of the weather and other setbacks. I think we played with a little more fire than usual, knowing what obstacles the crowd had come through to see us (and knowing that in a few hours we were going to have to pack up and head out into the same). We had to cut the original set short because of an unusually late soundcheck, which was the one thing that ruffled me out of an entire day of being the Stress-Free Zen Master of the House. In an attempt to relax and relocate my sense of perspective (as well as sense of humor) I decided to play the FloydShow sans shoes. I figured that if Henry Rollins can perform his hurculean athletics barefoot, even outdoors, then I could handle this. It worked; I think my performance I was quite a bit looser than a good way.:-)

"Holidaze" is my favorite new written non-word

Christmas was, by definition of being celebrated before the entire Pacific Ocean decided to freeze and fall on our heads, relatively stress-free this year. My daughter is finally old enough to begin comprehending the concepts of the season (both religious and secular), which has been a fun evolution to watch. Until this year, she would just pick up everyone's energy but couldn't quite make sense of it.

I have decided that the major difference between being a kid and being an adult at Christmas is that you actually appreciate getting socks and shirts in addition to the cool stuff. Or maybe that's just me, speaking as an adult who hasn't purchased his own clothes in many years on account of low funds, generous relatives, and a certain measure of sheer laziness. Still, the cool stuff is always...cooler. DVDs, video games, and my personal favorite: gift certificates which inevitably lead to more DVDs, video games other such treasure, were received with relish and gratitude.

Side Trip

This week, I'll be sitting in with local band Longshot for a New Year's gig at Club Rascals. The band has quite a history in relation to SoN lore -- various alumni include our own Carl Roehmann as well as former guitarist John Clark, and their current rhythm section of drummer Steve Urie and bassist Ray Opheikens have both been fill-ins for us at one time or another. Then, of course, Clark, Opheikens and I spent the last few years working together in Jupiter, which also featured SoN vocalist Juli Holt. Funny old thing, life. :-)

Anyway, Longshot recently lost their keyboard player, so I'm filling in for a bit. Should be a fun time. Much less responsiblity and a chance to play a different instrument for a while is always a welcome change of pace. Of course, I've also had to cram to learn 30+ new songs for the occasion, but that too has a musical and personal payoff.

There is more to report on Life, Liberty, and SoN plans for 2004, but it will have to wait. Right now I've gotta get out and shovel the walks. Again.

ta ta,