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Date: Sat 13 Dec, 2003 at 14:27
Headline: Halfsies

"'Have you ever been hooked', she said, 'by the Tale O The Twister?'"
-Chagall Guevara

"I need gum..."
-Matt Meldrum

Greetings & Salutations!

Thanks to all who turned up for the Port O Call show earlier this week. It was our first gig there, a stripped-down show, and a Wednesday night, so we really had no idea what to expect in terms of audience. I have to say we were pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Lots of friends, old and new.

We had planned to do an "unplugged" set after the break, but by that time the requests were flying so fast and furiously that we decided to scrap it and head straight into an electric marathon of Floyd tunes. We got pretty much the requests we expected, which was a relief because there is still a good 25% or so of the PF catalog that we don't know how to play, and every time we do requests we expect some wag to call out 'Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict' just to be an incredible smartass. ;-) We did take a (very brief) stab at 'See Emily Play' for a latecomer who was disappointed that we had already played so many tunes he wanted to hear.

The band was in good spirits for this show, and Matt in particular was making the most of the evening. He actually snapped one of the white keys off his synth while rocking the organ parts on 'In The Flesh'. Yowza!

As great as it was to be onstage playing at all after six weeks of relative inactivity, we're still longing to get back and do the "big shows". We had the chance to take a tour of POC's upstairs club, which sits somewhere between the Zephyr & Harry O's in terms of space and technology, and were very excited by the possibilities that playing there could present for us. We haven't found a new home in Salt Lake yet, but this place is a strong contender.

Speaking of big shows and searching for a new home...this week's POC show was meant to be the last of the year, but we've just had another oppotunity come up to send 2003 off with a bang. The FloydShow rears its head one last time two weeks from tonight, at Bricks. Come on down and enjoy a mid-Holiday bash with us!

More to come...