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Date: Mon 03 Nov, 2003 at 12:40
Headline: The Poet Strikes Back

Greetings & Salutations!

Here's the second installment in Eric's epic saga of rhymin' love. Enjoy!:-)


Ode To Tim
by Eric Litovsky

Lights go dim
Tim is grim
Why is Tim grim?

Tim is Grim because
Tim will have to pause
Since the crowd he draws
Playing for a cause
Can't avoid applause

Wait there's more...

Tim is cool
Sexy and fun
With a strat or a sheep gun
We all know he can assume
Wires, planes, things that go boom

He can sing the chorus
He can sing the verse
He can play on echoes
Wah-wah in reverse

He can write a tune
Get angry on stage
Feel the passion of a song
Without taking drugs

Oh shit.. that didn't rhyme
I was so moved by passion
I headbutted my cat and we were both surprised!

Tim. The other white noise.

(I love you guys).. sniff...