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Date: Sat 01 Nov, 2003 at 10:25
Headline: Scary

"In my day, no self-respecting creature of the night wernt out on All Hallows Eve. We left that to the poseurs."
-Spike, Angel: Life Of The Party

Greetings & Salutations!

Scary Memories

It's been quite a while since I spent Halloween without a gig. Last year's was a night to remember (I'd post a commemorative pic somewhere but I can't seem to find them); the year before was definitely a night to forget (no pics, and wouldn't want to revisit that one anyway). This year no holiday show seemed to come together for the band so I spent the day with family, which turned out to be just as fun and just as exhausting.

Scary Weather

The snow cotinues to pour over us here in the Salt Lake Valley, three days running now. I haven't checked any official record books to confirm it, but I recall the last time it snowed this much this early was in 1981. I have very vivid memories of dressing as Indiana Jones for Halloween that year, and using one of the many snowmen to be found in our neighborhood for target practice with my bullwhip (and yes, I do have a pic of that, but there's no way in hell I'm posting it). ;-)

Anyway, the weather certainly put a damper on many of last night's activities. By the time 7pm rolled around, the snow was coming down so thick and fast that there was really no point in the trick-or-treating thing anymore. Fortunately we had been able to take my daughter for a few rounds earlier that afternoon, and between that, a school party, playing in the snow, and other various activities throughout the eventful day, she was content at that point to just come home and chill out. And there was much rejoicing. Watching the weather report on the news last night, I was thanking my lucky stars that this year's Halloween didn't include a gig, as it most likely would have been a very long night with very light attendance and one mother of a load-out.

The snow also kept me from heading up to Park City Thursday night to check out Cold Fire, a local Rush tribute that just got started this year. I am a Rush fanatic of the highest order, was very excited to check out their first headlining show...but, alas, my poor little Saturn just didn't seem to be up to taking Parley's in those conditions. Stupid lack of truck ownership...

Scary Talent

After weeks of friends (particularly those who know of my musical disposition) urging me on, I finally managed to see School Of Rock. I have to agree with many folks who have said it's a far better movie than it has any right to be. Yes, it's definitely a love letter to some of my influences and attitudes. Yes, Jack Black is so over the top with teenage rock-n-roll id blaring at all times that I spent a big chunk of the movie cringing even as I was privately headbanging along. And yes, the kids in the film (all real musicians who played their own parts) are freakin' amazing. The story's a mess, of course. The semi-believability that exists is mostly held together by Joan Cusack, who is such a likeable and grounded presence that you never really stop to wonder the complete absurdity of everything going on around her. But the story's not really the point -- the spirit is. And I totally dug it. :-)

bye for now