Sons Of Nothing
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Date: Thu 30 Oct, 2003 at 10:09
Headline: Propischewitz Poetry

Greetings & Salutations!

Here's, new. It's not often that one receives a gushing fan letter from another member of the band...and it rhymes, even! :-)


Ode To Thom
by Eric Litovsky

Thom reminds me of a truck
Like a rock
Sturdy, stalwart, resolute
Taps the rhythm with his foot

Brow so stern, his fingers smolder
On the bass across his shoulder
And his voice, a brooding cello
Could outshine Elvis Costello

To a cheering crowd he'll sing
'Gunner's Dream', 'Pigs on the Wing'
And he's really "in the zone"
When he does 'Nobody Home'

Sting could learn a thing or two
From the way Thom gives a cue
He's the steadfast sonic anchor
For our power solo wanker

I would take him at his word
Would not fight him with a sword
Would not fight him in a tree
Would not, could not disagree

Leaving not a thing to chance,
He prints set lists in advance
Always shows up early
Sets my stuff up for me

Everyone should have a Thom
He can even be a Mom.