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Date: Tue 28 Oct, 2003 at 00:09
Headline: Zephyr Zenith

"This moment may be brief
But it can be so bright"

-Neil Peart, 'Chain Lightning'

"Hang on, I need to test the Sheep Gun..."
-Tim Hollinger

Greetings & Salutations!

So, trading rhyme for alliteration this time. Um...yeah.

For some reason, truly great gigs are as tough to write about as truly terrible ones (not "we're gonna look back on this and laugh" terrible, but "note to self: quit music biz forever" terrible). Last Friday's show definitely belongs in the truly great category, for a number of reasons. It was a brilliant experience, only dimmed by the knowledge that as of next week the Zephyr will no longer exist. :-( So at the moment, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and blocked. I'm sure I'll have some pithy, particular thoughts to share a little later, but right now I just have a few quick shout-outs...

First and foremost, thanks to the crowd who came out and rocked our socks off. By the midway point of the FloydShow the cheers were coming so loud and often that sometimes we literally couldn't hear ourselves play. Every time I think we've hit the pinnacle of great audiences, you folks come on even stronger and completely blow us away. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and once again, Thank you!

Thanks to Joe Piche of BACA and Dave Smart for joining in the festivities and giving us a chance to help them out as well. Thanks also to the management and staff of the Zephyr who were friendly and accomodating as all get out, and did everything they could to help us put on the best show possible. We have enjoyed making their club our home in Salt Lake City, and are sad to see it end.

Finally, much thanks and love to the band and crew. From music to visuals to production, promotion and publicity, everyone worked hard, worked as a team, took pride in what they were doing, and absolutely delivered. Brian, Carl, Fozz, Marsha, Eric, Greg, Juli, Matt, Tim & Flanders guys ROCK.

Nuff said...for now.