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Date: Fri 03 Oct, 2003 at 09:50
Headline: Green & Submarine

Greetings & Salutations!

Hmmm....that's two notes in a row with rhyming headlines. Better nip that trend in the bud before it becomes silly. Er.

You know what's depressing? Fourth morning in a row with 100+ messages in the inbox, ALL spam. I don't understand...I used to have friends...

Last night, the band got together for the first time in a few weeks to start working up some new and semi-new material for the upcoming October 24 gig at the Zephyr in Salt Lake City. At long last we're bringing 'Echoes' -- the epic psychedelic masterpiece from PF's Meddle album -- back into the setlist. Greg is new to the song, and the rest of us haven't played it since February, so right now we're still shaking off the rust, but a few more rehearsals and we'll have it polished up for the show. Tim is particularly excited because he has finally learned how to do the spacey middle-section's squealing guitar parts properly. He actually called me up the other night and got me out of bed to come over to his place and check out a demonstration. He didn't tell me straight away what I was in for, of course. He just said I needed to come over and see something "really, really cool". He could have done it over the phone and I'm pretty sure I would still have got the gist of it, but it was worth the drive to see the look on his face. He was giddy as a schoolgirl. :-)

(For those who are interested in the proper technique, it involves plugging the cords in to a wah pedal backwards -- amp to the instrument socket, and vice-versa -- and setting up a feedback loop, then shaping the feedback with the tone & volume knobs. And here we were, thinking Gilmour was some sort of sonic genius when he probably just got extremely stoned one day and set up his gear wrong...)

bye for now,