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Date: Wed 01 Oct, 2003 at 12:51
Headline: Broadcast From The Past

Greetings & Salutations!

I finally got around to transcribing the interview we did earlier this summer on Park City Faces, just before the release of One Left Turn.



[in addition to the interview, the band performed acoustic versions of 'Atmosphere', 'Do Me', 'Misery' and Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'.]

RB = Randy Barton, PCF host
TH = Tim Hollinger
GT = Greg Thomas
TB = Thom Bowers
MM = Matt Meldrum
....and a cameo by Timmi Cruz.:-)

RB: Welcome back, folks. This is like 1/5, I guess, of the Sons Of Nothing, right? Tim Hollinger and Greg Thomas. Thanks, Tim, for coming on the show.

TH: Thanks, Randy.

RB: You're from Salt Lake, right?

TH: That's right.

RB: And [ to Greg] Summit Park?

GT: Yeah.

RB: Excellent. So how long have you been in Park City?

GT: Since �89.

RB: Good man. Who have you been playing with all these years?

GT: I started out in the 90's -- early 90's -- with a blues band called Rum Boogie, and with Smilin' Jack for another 8 years after that. Met these guys at Flyin Zion last year.

RB: Roger Fuller's deal, huh?

GT: The last one, yeah.

RB: Did he cancel it just because of you guys?

TH: Pretty much [laughter]

GT: Yeah, it was all Carl [Roehmann]'s fault.

RB: [holding up One Left Turn CD] Who is the songwriter of the group? Of this new stuff?

GT: That would be Tim and Thom.

RB: Tim and Thom?

TH: Yeah, I guess we'll take the blame.

RB: You guys have kind of made your reputation as being a Pink Floyd cover show, correct?

TH: That tended to be the thing that got the numbers out, yeah.

RB: And now you're gonna take a new direction, play a little more original material?

TH: Well, we've been playing original material all along, and the FloydShow was beneficial in that way because it bumped up our numbers for both shows. People would come out to see the FloydShow, they would hear that we did originals and they would come out and see that show as well.

RB: 10 members? Is that right?

TH: We're up to 8 members now for the actual FloydShow. For originals, we go as a 4-piece.

RB: So this is the Sons Of Nothng original [band] that we're seeing here.

TH: Right.

GT: Yeah.

RB: How did you get involved in music, Tim?

TH: I've been involved in music for most of my life. I majored in music at the University Of Utah. I've been gigging professionally since about '97. Started in a band called Anny Piphany, went on to Sky Is Out Of Order. Met up with Thom about 2 years ago, maybe 3 years ago, and decided that he was one of the only artists I had heard whose lyrics didn't suck [laughter] so I figured I'd stick it out with him for a while.

RB: It's always good to have a lyricist that doesn't suck. That's what you need, right?

GT: Words to live by. [laughter]

RB: Well, thanks for coming on the show. We're gonna get you two off here, get you hooked up [to your instruments] again, and bring the other half of the "Sons Of Nuttin'" out here. We'll be right back.


RB: All right, welcome back. Thom Bowers and Matt Meldrum joining me. Thanks for coming on the show.

TB: Thanks a lot.

MM: Thank you.

RB:'re like the big guys of the band, right? The tackles. [laughter]

MM: Yeah.

RB: I noticed you put yourselves at each end there...

TB: Yeah, it balances out. That way the stage doesn�t tip over.

RB: So are you two the founding members? You've been together for what, like 3 years now?

MM: No, I was actually dragged in. [laughter]

RB: You were drug into the deal.

MM: Yeah.

TB: Yeah. The band started about 3 years ago. I went in and made a record, and then put a band together around the record, which...I am told it's usually the reverse of that. That's how I met Tim, and it has just expanded to include all of these lovely people that we work with now.

RB: How did you open that Pink Floyd door?

TB: That was Carl, actually. Carl got wind of the fact that we were doing Floyd covers at our original gigs just for fun, and said "hey, you wanna come do a full set at Flyin Zion?" We said, "sure, yeah, that would be fun, that would be cool", and word must have got around because we started getting job offers right after that. As soon as we came back to Salt Lake. We've been doing it ever since.

RB: Tomorrow night, you will be performing at club Suede [for the] CD release party, but you're also doing the FloydShow, correct?

MM: That's right.

RB: Tell our viewers what they can expect at Club Suede. What's a Sons Of Nothing show like? You've got the whole getup? Change clothes and everything, you do it all?

MM: Well, there's quite a bit of theatrics involved. We try to make it as big of a show as possible, keep them entertained.

TB: We try to re-create as much of the authentic Floyd experience as we can. We have the screen behind us, and the sort of light show you would expect with this kind of music. We do re-create some of...[something said offscreen]...what�s that?

Timmi Cruz [offscreen]: Pyrotechnics.

TB: Pyrotechnics. Yeah, well....that's a dirty word now, Timmi.[laughter] You can't say that on the air!

MM: We can't do that anymore.

TB: Whatever we can, we do to make the show bigger and better. A feast for the eyes as well as the ears.

RB: Freddy Fender in white pants?

TB: Occasionally, Tim will dress up in a fascist uniform and parade around, hanging people. [laughter] So that's always fun.

RB: Well, the details are this, folks: Club Suede tomorrow night, correct?

TB: Indeed.

RB: $5 cover. And it's probably about a 9:00 show, I would imagine?

TB: I think we�re starting at...between 9:30 and 10:00...I'll say 9:30.

RB: It's Park City. Tell 'em 9:00, trust me.[laughter]

TB: I'll say 9:00. That way if we do start by 10:00, they'll just be walking in the door at 10:05. And we'll have this fine collection of tunes there for sale for the first time ever. One Left Turn, our new record. We'll start off with our stuff, take a break, get into the Floyd. We're going to be doing Dark Side Of The Moon all the way through, the entire record, so that will be a good time...

MM: It's a CD. It's not a "record". [laughter]

RB: It was a record once...

TB: I refuse to change! [more laughter] It's a record. It's an album.

RB: So that's it. Pink Floyd and Sons Of Nothing originals. CD release party tomorrow night at Club Suede. Club Suede�s got a fabulous sound system. You guys have got to be happy to be paying through some good gear.

MM: We're excited for it.

TB: We've never played at Club Suede before, but we have worked with Mr Cruz, and he's gonna be behind the board tomorrow night so we have every confidence that it's gonna be spectacular.

MM: And Park City is the funnest place to play anyway.

TB: That's true.

[One Left Turn cover onscreen]
RB: There it is, folks. That's the CD you can buy tomorrow night. We're gonna get 'em over on the stage, play a tune for us. Stick around; we have Entertainment News, Weather and Sports still to come.