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Date: Mon 08 Sep, 2003 at 14:04
Headline: Deep Thoughts?

Greetings & Salutations!

More random thoughts on the topic of last Friday's gig at Harry O's...

1. The new video for 'Sheep' (meadows, marching bands, and strategically splattered condiment) is way cool. Unfortunately nobody saw it very well because the screen situation was not optimal. Next time...

2. We have too many good songs to choose from, especially within the FloydShow. Can make constructing a set list frustrating sometimes, but as problems go, it's a pretty cool one to have.

3. It's not my all-time favorite PF tune (that award would go to 'Shine On') but playing 'Wish You Were Here' is, for me, the greatest part of every show. The chorus sing-a-long is an especially warm & fuzzy moment, and the women down front occasionally going topless doesn't suck either. We're never cutting that damn song. ;-)

4. One more thing about cutting songs...even at the end of the night with no sax player and the band in a wiped state, 'Money' (played by special request -- it wasn't in the set for the first time since...well, ever) still burns the house down. I think I'm beginning to understand how classic rock bands become stuck in a rut.

5. "Counting the leaves which tremble at dawn" and "Love is the shadow that ripens the wine" do not rhyme.

6. A new discovery -- Red Bull tastes better warm. Much better. No idea why.

7. Juli, stunningly attired as always, was joking about being a "rebel" for wearing a white outfit after Labor Day. For the life of me, I've never understood this fashion faux pas. Can anyone explain it to me?

8. Harry O's has the coolest stage in Utah. Not only is there plenty of room for the full band, but extra platforms and risers which allowed us more room to maneuver and jam with the crowd -- or in Tim's case, more than usual. I'm very jealous of his wirelessness.

9. I need to get in better shape. I'm only 5 lbs heavier than I was last year at this time, and that comes after losing 50+ last spring, so technically I'm still ahead of the game...but romping around on that big stage for the whole night, even with a break in between sets, fried my circuits extra crispy. Gotta start getting more out of my workouts (and cut out the Buffy- marathoning/junkfood gorging weekends).

10. Some people are just inherently funny. Greg Thomas is one of them.

11. My usual writing style gets awfully blah sometimes. I should do more notes like this one.