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Date: Sat 06 Sep, 2003 at 11:04
Headline: Wild At Heart

Greetings & Salutations!

Yowza. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Maybe I was...I can't really remember...

Anyway, thanks so much to the wildly vociferous crowd who turned up last night at Harry O's. We hadn't played in Park City proper since February of this year, and it was great to receive such a hearty welcome back. Partway through the show I did my usual asking of how many people had seen us before and how many were "FloydShow virgins" and the cheers were pretty much equal...which means that either we made a ton of new friends last night, or that the whole room was too debauched to really care what I was saying. Either way, I'm happy. :-)

We have played all the songs from Animals before, just never all at once in their proper running order. Pink Floyd albums, particularly their classics of the mid 70's, are usually meant to be taken as an entire musical/lyrical/conceptual whole, rather than a random assembly of songs, so we try whenever possible to include one full album in our shows. While Animals is not as much of an all-encompassing trip as, say, Dark Side or The Wall, the album does have a definite vibe, and has some of the most aggressive moments on reccord. So last night was more about bringing the rock than usual, and that felt good.

It was also a grafitying experience to get such an positive response to our original tunes during the opening set. We hadn't had a chance to play them at Harry O's for a very long time, and it was fun to be romping around that giant stage playing our own music. Maybe too much the time the Floyd set wound down, well past the planned 1:00am cutoff, I found every bit of myself absolutely aching and exhausted. I was too drained to mingle and couldn't even conceive of loading out until I took a nice long break in the green room, trying to get my motor running again. From the looks on everyone's faces it was apparent that I wasn't the only one with this challenge. We really ought to work on leaving the crowd wanting more so we don't get too wiped and they don't thin out too much by the end of the show, but when people are being so rabidly enthusiastic, sometimes it's hard not to just keep going until you collapse.

There were some downsides to the night -- we probably would have benifited from bringing in our own video gear and screen rather than rely on the club's technology, for one -- but for the most part all I can do is nurse my sore back while I smile lazily at the memory of how loud the cheers were when Tim & Matt broke into the guitar duet from 'Dogs'. :-)

We have a number of new dates just inches away from being officially confirmed. Last night was probably our swan song for the year in Park City, but we'll be headed back to SLC and beyond before you know it. stay tuned...