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Date: Wed 09 Jul, 2003 at 01:54
Headline: Current Events, part 2

"Proscrastinate NOW. Don't put it off."
-Ellen Degeneres, Here & Now

Eric Litovsky, in "Pirate Mode"

Oh, fer the love of all that's sweet & good...see, if I had just taken a few minutes a day over the last couple of weeks and spewed a few semi-salient comments, I wouldn't be in this situation, expending useless energy trying to organize my thought-bubbles into something resembling coherence. But, here we are.

No Such Thing As Downtime

Despite my bone-deep desire for oblivion, I only got an hour or two of sleep after coming home from the Suede gig, because I wanted to go with my wife and daughter to see my cousin Travis in the hospital. Brief exposition: Trav and I have known each other for a little over a decade -- we met in college and became fast friends, only finding out many moons later that we were blood relatives as well (his mother and mine are cousins). Of course, to anyone who knows either of us separately or has observed our behavior together, this should have been blindingly obvious, but I digress. He and his wife Aleisha are among the very few people in my life I can consider, as Henry Rollins would say, guardos caminos -- that is, they get me through the high times, the low times, and all the times in between -- so when I learned that he was to be donating a kidney to his ailing mother, I immediately wanted to be there to help in any way that I could, even if it was just to show up at their bedsides and crack a few jokes to keep their spirits up while recuperating.

The surgery actually took place the day before our Suede gig, but due to one scheduling conflict after another I wasn't able to get any time free until afterwards. Shannon and the girl had already been to LDS Hospital to visit twice before I had a chance to drop by and say hello, and I would be damned if I was going to let them get out there again without me. I can't say that I was the greatest company in the world, nusring stinging eyes and a swollen throat and trying desperately to simultaneously stay awake and restrain myself from being so self-absorbed as to complain about my current burned-out condition to someone who has just had their internal organs forcibly re-arranged...but at least it was good to see them with my own eyes and it eased my guilt about not being able to be there sooner. I was, frankly, amazed at how quickly both Travis and Carolee recovered from the surgery and how soon they were sent home. Even knowing how much positive energy and good health they posess on a regular basis, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief at the way things played out.

On Returning

It had been way too long. I knew that already, but when I read Bill Frost's latest write-up in the City Weekly billing us as "Park City's Sons Of Nothing", it really hit me. Not that being described as such is bad or undesireable in any way -- press whores that we are, we're always happy to see our name in print, especially from someone who actually digs us -- but it just reinforced, to me, the point that we definitely had been away from Salt Lake City for too damned long, and it was time to do something about it.

The Zephyr show had been on the table for some time before we played Suede, but we were hesitant to take it for a number of reasons, not the least of which was undermining all the great PR we had already set in motion for Olde and the good folks in Park City. So in the end we took the gig last-minute, and hoped that 6 days of advertising would be enough to draw a reasonable crowd and justify one of Utah's more venerable rock institutions putting us up on their stage.

Thankfully, the gamble paid off.

Apparently Salt Lake missed us, because we were still getting requests for comp tickets long after the inital supply of 200 had been distributed. The crowd at the club that night wasn't exactly SRO, but the joint was nicely filled out, and the PF fans were downright rabid. I knew it was going to be a hot night when I got screams of approval after belting out the first lines of 'What Do You Want From Me'...I mean, we're talking about people cheering a song from The Division Bell here, fer cryin' out loud. Of course, there were also the usual shouted requests (getting louder, crazier and more obscure as the night went on) and the women glomping onto Hollinger when he stepped offstage for a solo. How he managed to get the 'Comfortably Numb' lead break across while in the middle of an attempted tongue-kiss from a stranger -- or why said stranger would choose that particular moment as the most reasonable time to do such a thing -- is anyone's guess.

Despite the 60 minutes or so of different material we had rotated in for this show, the band was very relaxed and confident after our positive reception at Suede, and came on with all guns blazing. Between that energy, the tremendous feedback we received from the crowd, and having the opportunity to play Wish You Were Here -- by far, my favorite PF album -- in its entirety, it was a night to remember for me. To make matters even better, my gear functioned perfectly and my finally-recovered voice stayed in great shape all night long. It was a magnificent gig.

Momentum and Metamorphosis

During the show, I asked how many people had seen us at Suede, and got a surprisingly strong response. It's great to know that putting two shows that close together fed, rather than diminished, the excitement and interest, because at this point we have NO plans to slow things down and attempt to create artificial demand -- believe you me, between promoting the new CD and trading on the success of these last two shows, you'll be seeing a lot more of us in the weeks and months to come!

The other great thing about having so many people from the Suede show there was that it gave us a chance to redeem ourselves during the opening set of our own material -- which, as previously noted, was awfully shaky the last time around. We played everything from OLT, a song from the first SONS CD, and a couple of as-yet-unreleased tunes, for which we received polite applause building to genuine enthisuasm as the set progressed. (and I might add that we also sold quite a few more CDs that night!) As I said in the last note, we have been reluctant in the past to combine the two sides of our musical personality this fully, but now we feel it's the next logical step in getting to where we want to be as a band, and we wish to thank everyone who has been so supportive of that vision. This is just the beginning, folks.

part 3 coming soon...