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Date: Mon 07 Jul, 2003 at 01:46
Headline: Current Events, part 1

Greetings & Salutations!

Pop Quiz, Hotshot...

Two big shows coming up, plus final mix and release of the new CD, plus a gig with Jupiter, all within a week. You're more-or-less responsible for supervising all of it. You have no money for advertising. Neither band has played out for months. Two band members live in Salt Lake, two in West Jordan, one in Park City, one in Kaysville, one in Brigham City. Jupiter members' geography is no less challenging, and their rehearsals are held in Centerville, no exceptions. Schedules are such that the only night one member can rehearse clashes with the only night another member is unavailable, and other happy coincidences. Your own timetable is complicated by only having a car 3 days per week and having to stay home with your child the rest of the time. Plus you're suffering through the worst attack of summer cold/allergies in recent memory.


...and be sure to wear safety goggles, as they will need to be able to identify your eyes after your head explodes.

That's pretty much the last 2 weeks in a nutshell. I was not entirely sure if I was going to come out the other end with my health intact, physical or mental. But I'm happy to say that we pulled it off, and I feel much better for it. :-)

Down To The Wire

One Left Turn was officially released on Friday June 27, with audio being mixed and graphics being prepped right up until the last minute. Ironically, I probably worked closer with Matt than I ever have last month, though we rarely were able to speak face-to-face. Due to our unique scheduling conflicts we ended up doing most of our work via e-mail and ftp, checking each other's input and giving opinions electronically. When he, Tim and I finally sat down in my basement to listen to the final mix before sending the CD off to be duplicated, it was an unusually organic moment.

I have to say that I'm happy with the way the record turned out. Though our budget was modest and our time was short, I feel that we have really delivered something of quality. That extends to the packaging concocted by Fozz & Dave Baker of Iodynamics, who took some of my very fuzzy ideas and made them a brilliant reality. OLT is now available at, so head on over and grab your copy today! I do have thoughts to share on the album itself, but they will have to wait in line behind everything about the past two weeks that's waiting to spew out...


Ever since the FloydShow started taking off, the band has found itself with a bit of an identity crisis. Though the FloydShow was, in some ways, helping to draw people's attention to our own music (which had always been our top priority), we found that it was also beginning to blur the lines. It was only a matter of time before we were gonna have to make a decision about who we really were, and either A) separate the projects, B) integrate them, or C) choose one over the other and go with it full-time. Fortunately, Park City's Club Suede provided the opportunity to test out option B) when they agreed to host the CD release party and the FloydShow in one night -- and now that we've done it this way, I don't know why we didn't start sooner.

Park City Faces

The night before our show at Club Suede, we appeared on Park City Faces a local television news/variety show hosted by PC media guru Randy Barton (no relation to Fozz). It was the first time I had ever been interviewed on TV, and though I think it came off pretty well (I have yet to see the videotape), I also think I need more practice to get comfortable with the format. The other guys all got their turn as well, and we also performed acoustic renditions of 'Do Me', 'Misery', 'Atmosphere' and PF's 'Wish You Were Here', which was a lot of fun and reminded me how much I enjoyed that acoustic set we played at Dimitri's earlier this year -- and how much I'd really like to get back to doing that type of gig again at some point. Randy was relaxed and funny, and treated us all very well. We're hoping to do the show again the next time we hit Park City for a gig.

Pink Suede Blues

Club Suede is located just off exit 145, before heading into Park City proper. It's a beautiful club in a beautiful area, and I'd happily go back just to hang out and enjoy the view, let alone play a gig. The stage is sutuated on the upper level, which makes load-in a bit of a chore, but also makes for a spectacular view since all the walls are glass. There is a huge balcony outside the stage area where folks often go to smoke, so the air inside the club was relatively clean. The stage, sound system, lighting rig, and video projector were perfect for the kind of show we do, and we didn't have to outsource anything. Timmi Cruz was manning the board, so we knew we were in goods hands sonically. The club owners (particularly Olde) treated us well and made every effort to accomodate our needs and help us put on the best possible show. And -- this may seem trivial by comparison, but it was the cherry on top of the sundae as far as I was concerned -- they had a combination Galaga/Ms PacMan arcade game sitting in the corner. It was as perfect a situation as we could have hoped for.

So why didn't I have a better night?

Well, I suppose it was partly that I was stressed about proving our worth to the club, partly the fact that my physical health was at the breaking point (as was my voice -- I actually lost it completely during one song and Matt had to take over), and partly that I was plagued with equipment dificulties all night -- my bass kept slipping out of tune, the microphone stand was unsteady and the mic kept hitting me in the teeth. Add to that some last minute technical delays to the start of the show, and a fairly shaky original set, and I was pretty well frazzled by the time we hit the stage for the FloydShow.

Fortunately, the band really stepped up to the plate at that point and the FloydShow was a smash. Olde had specifically requested a performance of Dark Side Of The Moon and we were happy to oblige. The club's lighting and Fozz's screen visuals were brilliant, and by the end of the night I had forgotten almost all of my troubles....almost. My body was still not being very cooperative. After load-out, I drove home to Salt Lake, intending to sleep for a very long time.

To Be Continued...