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Date: Fri 15 Jun, 2001 at 03:30
Headline: A Tale Of Two Gigs

Greetings and Salutations!

Ya'Buts marqueeWell, at least they didn't hurl bottles at us...

The gig at YaButs last night went far better than I expected, despite the fact that we practically cleared the room after 3 songs. After checking out the web site for Dead Bodies Everywhere I was expecting a less than friendly reception (as I remarked on stage last night, "I feel like Manilow up here compared to those guys"), but rather than turn on us at the sound of a song with an actual melody, most of the people who were there to see their grindcore heroes just politely excused themselves when the relatively dulcet tones of 'Atmosphere' came wafting through the room. Perhaps we should have lobbied for an earlier time slot.

DBE was loud as hell itself, controlled chaos performed with megatons of energy. Not my cup of tea, musically speaking, but I have to admire their passion. Same goes for Bright Light, who came off essentially as a junior version of DBE (teenagers, all of them; clearly smuggled in and out of the club), and were in fact a little tighter in the rhythm section and had more creative fill-ins between the thunderclaps. I caught the guitarist playing 'Earache My Eye' at cool is that for a 16 year old?

So...the idea of our music appealing to a crowd like DBE's at a club like YaButs doesn't seem to be unlikely, as such, but more a sort of mismatching of the JFK assasination sending out for pizza. Nevertheless, a few folks did stick it out, and of course we had a few friends there to cheer us on, as we're finding to be increasingly the case. :)

We played a short 50 minute set, and it was probably our loosest performance yet, but also one of the most fun. Tightly arranged sections of songs became jams. Relatively straight-ahead pop songs became anthems of over-the-top heavyness. Drum solos burst spontaneously forth for no discernable reason. Every song contained "Rock Ending #1", the usual cliched single chord hold for as long as humanly possible before the sting...we do it occasionally anyway, but not usually with this much Spinal Tap-esque exaggeration. I guess you could say the humour of the situation imposed itself upon us, and we reacted accordingly.

Ya'Buts marquee In contrast to that, the Milla's gig last Saturday was about as close to ideal as we've come so far. We did our own sound, played a full show wth no technical boundaries. We played our music the way we want it to be heard, and the coolest thing of all...we had an audience present who really seemed to dig it, even those who had no idea who we were when they walked in the door. There are still rough spots to be ironed out, but I think we've grown by leaps and bounds in the past month, and I can't wait to see what's coming next.

Well, if there is no law about how long these little treatises can get, there should be.

Gotta run...

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers