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Date: Sat 24 May, 2003 at 10:21
Headline: The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Greetings & Salutations!

The ZeppElin ScOtoma

First off, I do apologize for the fact that I have accidentally misspelled the word "Zeppelin" a dozen times or so in the last week, including the text on the DV8 flyer. What was I thinking? Well, apart from the fact that they deliberately misspell the word "lead" in their name so it would seem like the logical choice, all I can think of is that I have some sort of blind spot for that extra "E", since I have stared at the name on record covers for years without ever noticing how it is actually spelled. D'oh! :-)

Funnily enough, nobody from Dyer Maker caught it right away. Neither did Carl, who is one of the biggest LZ freaks on the planet. But my friend Zan e-mailed me yesterday, perhaps to spare me further embarassment, perhaps to simply spare her own head from exploding, and informed me of my egregious error. I explained to her what a scotoma was -- but, apparently still stuck in a mental fog, I misspelled that word too!

(oh, and I apologize in advance if anything is misspelled in this note -- my blog doesn't have a spellcheck and like most semi-literate adults in the 21st century,I am completely propped up by technology)


May Flowers

Nice that the weather has finally caught up with the calendar. As far back as I can remember, it's always been a toss-up between May and October for my favorite month. The latter has that tingly, spooky, romantic quality, but there's just something about a time period when it just starts to get warm enough to go out without a jacket, which contains my birthday, and when I was younger always signalled the end of the school year as well as the release of many of my favrotie all-time movies that has left an indelible mark on my psyche.

Uncanny & Unloaded

Speaking of May movies, I will probably be seeing X-Men 2 for a third time next week. Love the hell out of this flick, can't get enough of it. I enjoyed the first one as well, despite its low production values, because they got all the important things right. This time, they got it right again plus had enough money to make the whole thing look fantastic. As my wife and I were watching the film for a second time on her birthday (gotta love being married to someone as geeky as I am about these things), we decided that we are probably the ideal audience for these movies, as we are familiar with the setting and characters from reading the comics as kids, but not so immersed in it all that we have specific expectations built up and can't handle deviation from the source material. Just get the spirit across is all I ask, and Bryan Singer & Co are delivering in spades.

On the flip side of the coin, if one more pot-smoke-wreathed 20-year-old tells me that I didn't like The Matrix Reloaded because I didn't "understand" it, I'm gonna go Wonko The Sane on this world. I took Philosophy 101, showing up to class on at least one or two occasions, and (mis)spent my youth glued to The Twilight Zone, so I understand it fine. I'm just not impressed. At least in the first one, they kept the silly, pretentious discourse interwoven with the action, so you never had time to really dwell on how soulless either one could be on its own. This time, every fight sequence or philisophical ponderance grinds the plot of the film to a dead halt. Not that seeing it wasn't a hugely enjoyable experience. I got to attend the midnight premiere with my cousin Travis (who, like the guardo camino he is, helped me keep my sanity by joining in to MST the thing in hushed tones), my brother-in-law Justin (who generously provided the tickets but will probably never invite me to see a movie again after my behavior), and a hundred or so guys and girls dressed in variable noir attire, acting as if they were attending a religious service -- being a geek myself, I always enjoy the parade. It was tremendous fun. :-)

That's it for now. The DV8 gig is right around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited if you...ah, er...damn. Total vocabulary failure. Anyway, we're excited!

more to come...