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Date: Thu 08 May, 2003 at 23:35
Headline: Hurry Up And Wait

"I want to be working now, please don't leave me standing still"
-Jules Shear, Standing Still

"Let me explain something, and you should jot this down because it's very important: everything in the world takes four hours."
-Paul Reiser

Greetings & Salutations!


I've just come back from The Second Bedroom, Meldrum's studio in Kaysville. We've been re-tracking a few vocal sections of the new EP. I did feel at the time I originally recorded them that they were a bit too conservative, to the point of being bland. I might have simply chalked that up to my own insecurities and let it lie, but when reviews from friends & associates started coming back with similar observations, I figured it was time to roll up my sleeves, get in there and fix whatever was broken, try to inject some more soul into the proceedings.

It's been a very rewarding process so far. Being generally free of time and budgetary constraints, I can experiment with different approaches and carve away at something until I am really happy with it...and, perhaps more importantly, until Matt is happy with it. He's been acting as vocal coach as well as producer/engineer for these sessions, and I've enjoyed working with him this closely. The pickier he gets, the better I like it.

We'll be officially releasing said EP in a little less than two months now, but I'll go into details about that later.

Irony, part 1

For the past couple of weeks I have been angling for a chance to sit down and describe what's been going on with SoN. Specifically, the challenges we have encountered over re-inserting ourselves into the Salt Lake club scene after a near 6-month absence. Every time I thought I had a spare moment to do it, I would just end up staring at the blank screen -- wondering how to get the story straight without boring with the details, and how to get all the frustration across without devolving into whinging. Time and time again, no words came out. Even when I knew we had the CD release party booked and just wanted to wax wistful about how excited I was to get back on stage again and how the then-two-month wait was gonna kill me, I just couldn't summon up the werewithal for some reason. Didn't seem urgent or timely enough, I suppose.

Earlier this week, I received word that DV8 was interested in booking us for late May. I began updating the site immediately, only to find that Iodynamics was offline. That sort of thing does happen from time to time, but Fozz & Co tend to run a pretty tight ship so usually things are back to normal in a few hours. This time, it took a couple of days to get all the bugs staightened out. Two weeks of putting off saying nothing in particular, and now that I actually had something to talk about, I was locked out. Funny old thing, life.

Dinosaurs on Parade

So, it looks like we're going to be back to work sooner than we thought. This DV8 show is exciting for a number of reasons; first, that we're finally back in Salt Lake after several months abscence. Park City has (and will hopefully continue to be) very good to us, but a change of scenery is always healthy and it will be great to put on a show for which the SLC faithful won't have to spend more money on gas than the cover charge.

Secondly, we've been looking for an excuse to get a big show together with another tribute act, and from what I've seen, Dyer Maker's Zepplin facsimile will deliver the goods. If all goes well, we may end up doing this regularly, or perhaps puttling in a few other similar bands for an all-day festival-type thing. At our Cisero's show back in March, I met a guy who was putting together a RUSH tribute ( DVD this fall....drooool) which I think might be a fun, kinetic Yin to our moody, glacial Yang. We'll see...

Finally, we're stoked about the fact that DV8 is an all-ages venue, the first major one we've played. Not that I'm expecting rabid hordes of teenagers to flock to a show largely featuring music that was released many years before they were born....but it's worth a shot, eh? :-)

More to come...