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Date: Sun 20 Apr, 2003 at 15:32
Headline: Flyin Zion Revisited

Greetings & Salutations!

Easter Sunday 2003 marks the (sort of) anniversary of Flyin Zion, the nearly 3-decade-old Southern Utah hippie-fest at which the SoN were priveleged to perform last year...and which, unfortunately, turned out to really be the last year. We would like to do our part to help alleviate the angst of those suffering from FZ withdrawl at this time, so without further ado, I'm turning the page over to SoN manager and longtime FZ booster Carl Roehmann.

The party was done. The stage was torn down. Smilin' Jack broke up, and Chris moved back east. Ernie died, God rest his soul. If ever things looked dismal for the participants of Flyin' Zion, it was now.

But be cheerful O' ye faithful hippies with a hankerin' to go to the desert!

To commemorate the first annivesary of the last Flyin' Zion, the vault has been opened, and Roamin' Z is proud to announce that the Best of Flyin' Zion 2001 & 2002 are currently being compiled and will be available soon! Come relive some highlights of the best party there ever was. These CDs are dedicated to the loving memory of Ernie Scow.

Also, there is a palpable buzz around Park City of "what to do next?" About a half dozen sites (all private land) are being considered for a party in July. Of course, the bands are lining up and honking their horns already! Oganizational help is currently being solicited.Just doing my part for the Flyin' Zion support group

-- Carl

For more info about either of these items, inquiries are directed to:

Carl Roehmann
P. O. Box 4462
Park City UT 84060

And though it's been a while since we've poked our heads out to say hello, let me assure you that we here in SonsWorld have not been idle in the least. I'll be back with new news (and new notes) very, very soon....

Happy Springtime to All!