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Date: Thu 09 Jan, 2003 at 23:03
Headline: Mixing It Up

Greetings & Salutations!

Just got back from Sound Image. Mixdown on the new CD has hit the penultimate stage. All we need to do now is add some background FX and master the whole thing, and we'll be finished. This is the first time I have been so closely involved in the mixing process, and it has proven to be as exhausting and rewarding as any other part of making a record.

Once again, I must sing the praises of our production team. It has been awe-inspiring to witness the knowledge and skill posessed by Toby, Matt & Tim (not to mention Intern Eric) put to such good use -- not to mention their good humour and tolerance at allowing less scientifically-minded folks like Daryn and I to stick in our few cents throughout the process. Even though right now I am warily unclenching from having the bulk of the work behind us, a part of me can't help being already excited at the prospect of our next project together. :-)

I would like to talk about the record itself -- the songs, the sounds, the ideas, the future -- but right now I am not in the most objective or coherent state of mind. My ears are fried, I have a head full of cigarette smoke, and I haven't had a full night's sleep in a few days, so I am going to remedy that situation shortly and continue this at a later date.

bye for now,

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers