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Date: Sun 03 Nov, 2002 at 13:29
Headline: Of Tricks, Treats, & Best-laid Plans

Greetings & Salutations!

"But don't worry, Base Eight is just like Base Ten....if you're missing two fingers."

-Tom Lehrer, The New Math

Where to begin?

Well, for one thing, I can't remember the last time I was as excited for Halloween as I was this year. It was a big deal for me as a kid, but the older I have become the less it has inspired me. Perhaps it's the fact that I now have a child own my own (though she is still too young to fully appreciate the proceedings) that has enabled me to re-connect with, spirit of the season.

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed the days leading up to October 31 and the opportunity to spend a big chunk of the evening playing music. Opening for our friends PI and returning to Atchafalaya in Provo was fun. The crowd took a while to warm up, but once they got into it, they were easily as entertaining to watch as the performers on stage.

Because this gig came up on fairly short notice, we didn't have time to learn any Halloween tunes, but that's something we definitely plan to remedy for next year. We did, however, manage to get some costumes together: Tim had a combination vampire/bondage thing going on, Matt donned football gear, Daryn came up with a rather disturbing juxtaposition of surgeon, witch and klansman, and I was the somewhat-less-than-incredible-but-still-quite-impressive hulk, featuring a green body-paint job that still doesn't seem to want to come off between my toes. We had a few pics taken, and should have them up on the site sometime soon.

In addition to playing our set, we got the chance to jam with PI; Tim, Matt and I stood round the mic to do backing vocals for their rendition of 'Knockin On Heaven's Door', and I got to duet with Jesse on 'Broken-Hearted Saviour', which I haven't sung (or indeed heard) since my coffee-house days with Charlie's Racket. It made my night.

The Element show last night was meant to be a little more elaborate than what we ended up doing, but once we hit the stage it was still a good time. The club's sound man never turned up, so LightMan Dan ended up doing double duty for part of the night and the delays in getting the technical end of things set up forced us to shorten the set quite a bit. Still, it was cool to have the additional lighting on stage (The Element is Dan's home base, so we had the opportunity to use his full rig) and use Fozz's video projections behind our own music for the first time.

The turnout was a bit thin for a Saturday night, but they really seemed to respond well to what we were doing, and when the inevitable Floyd requests began rolling in, we were happy to oblige - we even took a stab at 'Vera', a short, obscure song from The Wall which we had never attempted to play before. I was losing my voice midway through the set, so I was relieved that most of the requested tunes were ones on which Tim or Matt had the lead vocals.

One more gig on the horizon: we're taking the FloydShow back to Harry O's next Friday, and then we're gonna cool off a bit. We're heading into the studio in December to start work on our new CD, and I think all of us are excited to be switching gears for a while.

Bye for now....

your humble correspondent,

Thom Bowers