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Date: Sun 06 Oct, 2002 at 13:08
Headline: Delayed Reaction

Greetings and Salutations!

Where does the time go?

Normally, I try to be a little quicker off the mark in reporting on a gig, usually within hours of jumping off stage, but I was wiped out when I got home Saturday morning and my schedule has been spiraling out of control this weekend for various reasons. I am just getting ready to head out to Tim's place for yet another rehearsal/meeting/writing session, so I'll try to make this one short. (ha!)

Getty's was groovy - the band had a good show, and even more essentially, a good time. I'm pleased to report that the fun definitely did kick in a little more for this gig. Lots of laughs, and very little sweating of the small stuff. Hopefully it's something we can keep alive and kicking even when working on the big productions. The original material felt and sounded better than ever, and I was pleased that so much of the crowd seemed to be into it. Since the FloydShow has begun to take off, I always approach a gig like this one with some degree of trepidation...will they hang with us through our tunes? Will our music turn them on, or will they be utterly bored and shouting for PF all night? Very happy to report that the former was the case. 'We' was especially well received, even though our performance was, in the words of Neil Peart, "hopeful, yet discontent". Just give us a few more run-throughs and we'll have it nailed. All of the PF tunes we played were done by request, and it was nice having the confidence to be able to pull that off. As I said to the crowd, "tonight, you're playing the songs too". Everyone seemed very eager to get into the spirit. ;-)

I've had a chance to listen to the recording, and while I don't know if it is up to the commercial standard we were hoping for, it certainly is worth hearing. I'll be sure have some mp3's posted later this week.

Well, I must be off. Thanks again to Getty, Gene, Dan, Carl, the folks at Optic Nurv, and everyone who turned out to support us. Twas a blast! :-)

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers