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Date: Fri 27 Sep, 2002 at 07:30
Headline: Sailing The Steel Breeze

Greetings and Salutations!

"No one sings me lullabyes / and no one makes me close my eyes...."

-Roger Waters, Echoes

Ya'Buts marquee

It started out sort of like one of those "arriving-at-school-in-your-underwear" dreams.

After three weeks of intense musical and technical preparation, an eight hour load-in that stretched everyone's patience and commitment nearly to the breaking point, and very little sleep Wednesday night, it looked like all was about to pay off. The band sounded great during soundcheck, the crowd was pouring in, everyone was in good spirits and ready to rock....

....and on the first two tunes of the evening (Breathe & Time), the sound FX disc started skipping. Badly.

Most of the FX cues in the songs we play are simply background ambience or bridges between songs, but in the case of these first two, it was essential that we be able to play along with the track. We did attempt to re-start everything once or twice, but had to give up when the problem of the skipping CD (caused, it seems, by the vibrations of the bass cabinets on the stage, which were turned up a bit more for the show than they were at soundcheck) didn't seem to be going away. All in all, it was not the initial impression we had hoped to make, and for a few brief minutes, morale and confidence were in short supply.

This is where having a great audience tends to come in handy. :-)

Ya'Buts marquee Everyone rallied behind us, and we jumped back into the set with renewed energy and determination. By 'In The Flesh' we had our groove back, and by 'Dogs', it was clear that this show was going to go above and beyond in several ways, despite the troublesome technical difficulties that started it off. The next few hours provided a considerably smoother ride, one that I'd be happy to take again and again until the wheels fall off. It was an especially great treat to perform Wish You Were Here, my favorite Pink Floyd album by far, in its entirety.

Ya'Buts marqueeThanks to Carl Roehmann for constant support and adrenalization; Dan-the-Man for some stellar light work; Bub Farell for his great performances both technically and theatrically, Fozz & Dave for making visual FX a reality for us at last, the Mad Hatter Timmy Cruz for making us sound like the "us" we've always wanted to hear, and last but not least the amazing folks who turned out to see us play. It was a pleasure. If I've left anyone or anything out, I apologize. I'm now running on approximately 6 hours of sleep out of the past 3 days or so with little relief in sight, so hopefully I can be forgiven for slight loopiness.

Ya'Buts marquee

Tim and I were listening to the soundboard recording of the first set on the way home afterwards, and noted just how far we've come since our debut at Flyin Zion earlier this year. The band has improved by leaps and bounds, increasing in both competence and confidence. And from the crowds we're attracting and the buzz and goodwill we're generating there is no denying that the FloydShow concept has arrived. We are excited about taking this whole thing even further, and we'll be sure to let you know what our next move is as soon as we know.

In the meantime, we're looking forward to concentrating our own tunes once again, with our upcoming show next Friday @ Getty's. We'll be unveiling a new song (which, perhaps not-so-coincidentally, fits in very well with the Floydian aesthetic), taking your PF requests into the wee hours, and documenting the show for a possible live video, so come on down and check it out...we won't have to overdub a frenzied crowd a la Frampton Comes Alive, and you can have your randomly shouted obscenities preserved for posterity. It's Win/Win! ;)

Media from last night's show will be available soon.

No, really this time.

Homer sleep now....

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers