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Date: Fri 18 May, 2001 at 00:00
Headline: The Famous First

Sons Of Nothing at Getty's Greetings and Salutations!

Last night at Getty's, we played our first show in front of a moderate crowd consisting of friends, family, and other interested parties. The cheers were loud and enthusiastic, and we appreciate every last one of them.I did a head count in between sets, and it seemed like there were far too few people to be making that much noise.

Thanks are also due to The Name Droppers for their strong showing, Tommy the soundman for his expertise, patience, and support, and the designers of the "Spit" concert flyers for providing everyone with conversation fodder for most of the night. Due to some technical mishaps, we won't be able to post any audio clips from this show, but I'll be in touch with Fozz shortly to see how the video turned out and we'll definitely have some pics up over the weekend.

The show had its share of rough moments, but we pulled thorough and had a good time doing it. We played a mix of tunes from the upcoming CD, an oldie but goodie from the Rain Kings days ('The Next Temptation'), another old favorite that had never before been played with a full band ('Esperanto'), and some covers thrown in for good measure.

John Clark commented to me before the show that it was amusing for him to see us switching roles. In Jupiter, he's always the pacing, nervous, tension-filled guy, but last night I was the one in full-on backstage jitters mode. I couldn't help it - this show was a culmination of over a year's work, and my first time back to fronting a band after several months of playing it safe behind the keys in Jupiter. I think those who have known me for some time, however, would say that I have improved in dealing with this tension over the years. John should have seen me when I was doing my Pink Floyd tribute band in college...those were the times that tested men's souls, to be sure.

It's always interesting to see how a song evolves from one form to another, even simply from the rehearsal room to the stage. The arrangement is locked in, the song has been practiced and polished, yet when played in front of an audience it can take on a completely new life...or be left to die. Last night's performance was no exception, and the way the material played out has caused me to re-evaluate the way to aproach our upcoming show atMilla's. Certian songs will be left off, new ones will be added, and others will change to more or less prominent positions in the set - then we'll have to make changes based on how well that goes over. It never ends...and I love it.

Here's to the first step on what promises to be a long and rewarding journey.

bye for now,

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers