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Date: Thu 15 Aug, 2002 at 00:00
Headline: Good Vibes/Bad Vibes

Greetings and Salutations!

We honestly didn't know what to expect.

The theater was small, the sound system makeshift, the band missing one member, the audience...well, let's just say not your standard rock crowd.

And yet, it worked.

Our brief set at the grand re-opening of Salt Lake City's indie cinema Alternative Grounds was very well received, despite our apprehension. (Well, I call it apprehension. Tim and Daryn might describe it more accurately as me sitting in a chair staring off into space mumbling "There's no way out, there's no way out" over and over again...but I digress).

Our recent busy-ness has really tightened up the band, so there were no musical worries. Tim's PA came through for us yet again -- I hate to get superstitious about such things, but I feel compelled to argue with him whenever he brings up the idea of selling it and investing in a new one. It's so rare to have technology you can actually depend on.

And, most fortunately, the audience was with us. From the moment we hit the stage, they were responsive and into the tunes, even the darkly Tool-esque 'Stolen', which was one of the riskier set choices of the evenning. 'Wish You Were Here' was done by request, after we took a minute to plug the upcoming FloydShow, and it went over very well indeed. Afterwards we received many inquiries about the Pink Floyd stuff -- as we usually do -- but also a heartening round of compliments on the original material. That was very gratifying, considering we thought the whole evening was going to go down like Spinal Tap playing the Air Force base. :-)

Between post-show roundup with the band, chatting up various audience members and getting the gear hauled away, I didn't get to catch much of Scranton, the film the premiered tonight, but I liked what little I saw. My friend John Woodhouse. who runs Alternative Grounds, omitted to mention that he himself was a featured actor in the flick, so if nothing else I need to go back and see it for a chance to watch his peformance.

Well, gotta, sleep...

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers