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Date: Tue 28 May, 2002 at 00:00
Headline: New Kicks

Greetings and Salutations!

To quote the great Douglas Adams, "Writing is easy. You just get out a piece of blank paper and stare at it until your forehead bleeds."

That quote may not be true of all writers, but it has certainly been the epitome of my experience, whether writing songs, stories, letters, or journal entries such as this one. It does not come easy. Well, that's not exactly true...the initial inspiration does strike like lightning, but fleshing an idea out into something I would actually want other people to read or hear is often incredibly tedious and frustrating -- and when it came to music, in the past it was usually a solitary pursuit as most of the bands I have been in have not been keen on co-writing.

After finishing up the first SoN CD early in 2001, I thought I was ready to start on new material right away. Though some songs went through a few last minute changes during the recording process, I had been living with the majority of them for years already. I was very excited to get on with some new kicks, and over the next year or so many attempts were made. Getting back into the writing groove, however, proved to be more difficult than I expected.

I have been playing in this band with Tim for over a year now. We have a healthy respect for each other as men and musicians and have done quite a lot of work which we can be proud of, but I don't think we actually became what I would call genuine partners until these last few months. For his part, Tim has been quite prolific lately. He had been suffering from writer's block for a few years which he attributes to frustrations both personal and professional, but in the last several weeks the floodgates have really opened. Not a rehearsal goes by when he doesn't play me a new riff or talk about a new concept that he's working out or mention a song or experience that has inspired him. Adding Daryn to the mix has definitely created a newfound group synergy that inspires us all. He came into the band with some very cool material already written -- and we have been busy woodshedding that as well, making the songs our own -- but he also has been very involved in the writing and arranging that we are now doing as a group.

And so, the first fruits of our chemistry (wow...that's an unforgivably mixed metaphor...) are being borne as we bang out new, and if I do say so myself, awesome tunes. Many are still in the skeleton phase, but show great promise and the sessions that inspired them seem to have finally tapped into a creative excitement that I haven't felt since I put the finishing touches on Join The Club' nearly two years ago.

Back in the groove, and ready to roll....

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers