Sons Of Nothing
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Date: Fri 29 Apr, 2011 at 19:23
Headline: A Hail Mary Pass, In Musical Form

Take Back The Thrown

Whatever happens now, don't take the fight away
It is the only thing that feels like home anymore
All that remains of a broken brotherhood, misunderstood
Looking to testify and justify their souls

Pick up the pieces again
Take back the thrown

Last chance to be Big Damn Heroes, like the stories say
It is the only thing that feels like love anymore
Balance the larger bowl for the ones who fell, refill the well
Blast through the broken ceiling, straight to the unknown

Into the breach once again
Take back the thrown

Miles to go before we sleep
So many promises to keep
Find the reason through the rhyme
Prove we're not just killing time

Say goodbye, say goodbye
No more, no more killing time