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Date: Tue 12 Oct, 2010 at 18:56
Headline: Priorities

As we enter what is absolutely positively definitely the home stretch of recording the new album, Matt and I have reluctantly decided not to book any shows for the latter part of 2010. Speaking for myself, I've been away from playing live way too long and want to be doing it so badly that my soul itches, but we've been trying to finish this project "by the end of the year" for three years running, and each time we've ended up overextending ourselves and choking at the last minute.

Strangely, that same delay has also cut in the opposite direction. We actually gig less often in part because we feel we should be concentrating on the album (not just to get it done for its own sake, but also because we want this new music to be a part of our live experience) and yet whenever we put a show together, it inevitably leeches away both our time and our focus. Call it superstitious, but even a theoretically low-maintenance show, like the acoustic gigs we do with Flanders, has a chance of swallowing up too much of our attention at this crucial juncture.

So, our priorities are clear: it's important not only to get it done soon and get it done right, but also to leave ourselves enough of a post-production window to make sure that all of the packaging and promotion ducks are in a row, be able to roll everything out at a deliberate and confident pace, rather than scrambling at the last minute as we have sometimes done in the past. As of now, the plan is to finish tracking in December and have mixing and mastering done by March, which should set us up for a May release. At that point, with those responsibilities off our shoulders, we can pursue a more aggressive playing schedule, perhaps even get out on the road for a bit.

In the meantime, we're hunkered down and pushing to put the final overdubs on what is turning out to be a pretty epic recording -- nearly a double album in length, hopefully we won't have to make any cuts to fit all the music on a single CD. Yet another reason (as if we needed any more) that it has taken so long to finish up.

Matt should be posting some tales from the studio soon. Until then, thanks for hanging in there...we're moving as fast as we can!