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Date: Tue 08 Jun, 2010 at 22:52
Headline: No Band Is An Island...

Greetings & Salutations!

There I was, getting ready to throw together a quick thank-you note to the various folks involved with last week's gigs, but I soon came to realize that "quick" wasn't going to cut it. When you tally up just how many talented, hardworking people had to come together to make these shows happen, it's actually pretty overwhelming. So sit back and get comfortable, this may take a while...

Let's start with the other bands: Roll The Bones, Born In Winter, Too Daze Gone, Perfect Disorder, and Advent Horizon all performed with gusto, raised the bar, were seriously fun to hang with, and acted with incredible professionalism and respect. It was an honor to share the bill with every single one of them.

But that's not all -- some of these folks did double or triple duty: Mike Thiriot not only played with RTB but SoN as well, taking on more guitar duties than we've ever given him before on Friday & Saturday. He also sat in with us at Thursday's acoustic show and ran sound for the gig, using the PA that he co-owns with his RTB bandmate Raymond Opheikens. Ray, for his part, not only lent the use of the PA on Thursday but also his bass gear on Saturday. Playing through his rig was an awesome treat, as always.

Also sitting in for the acoustic show was Rylee McDonald, who joined us for a marvelous cover of Porcupine Tree's "Lazarus,", and our old compadre Tim Hollinger showed up to preside over a dose of Floydian magic and a trip down SoN's own memory lane. Both performances stoked the crowd, and did the heart good.

Speaking of folks going above and beyond... when the original venue for Friday's show unexpectedly folded, it was Perfect Disorder's Dave Penrod who stepped into the breach and got us set up at Flirts. Scotty and the crew there were very cool about hosting the show on short notice, and our friend Jesse Brooks was kind enough to bring in his PA and run sound for the whole shebang. I would have been especially disappointed to cancel this one as it was my birthday gig, so hats off to everyone who kept it afloat and made it a blast.

Kudos to Ryan and Amber for another relaxed and groovy experience at Mo's, and to Rob Lambros and the fantastic staff at The Abyss, which for my money is THE Rock N Roll club in Utah right now. We wish them all the best and hope to visit again soon.

On a personal note, from me to the boys & girls in the band -- it wasn't easy, but we pulled it off, and it couldn't have been done without everyone's contribution. So, to Matt, Dave, Mike, Marie, Juli, Curtis, and Flanders: thanks for your time, your talent, your faith, and your perseverance. You guys ROCK. (And Juli, I did like the cake! Honest!)

Finally, I'd like to express the gratitude of the SoN family, both immediate and extended, to everyone who showed up to see us. Whether you came for multiple shows, just one night, or only a few songs, your enthusiasm and support prove to us that all of this is worth doing, and we don't ever take that for granted. Like the man says, without you there is no us.


PS - I'm hoping to do this all over again next year, but I think the title is lame and needs to be changed. Anyone have any ideas? Something better than "Homecoming 2011?"