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Date: Thu 11 Apr, 2002 at 00:00
Headline: Back In The Saddle

Greetings and Salutations!

I saw the future back in November of last year, and I saw it very clearly.

Tim and I, after watching the original line-up of this band fall apart, conducted a couple of hasty rehearsals with Steve Urie on drums in order to play the last two shows of 2001, to which we had commited a few months earlier. Even with a fill-in drummer, there was something about our songs, our particular chemistry, and the power-trio format...a strength which we could not deny. It worked for us brilliantly during the following two gigs and that's when we made our decision as to how to tackle the future.

Tonight, those instincts were born out as being right once more as Daryn Campbell stepped up to the plate for his first full original show as a member of the band, and he did a wonderful job. It's rare to have a drmmer who actually listens to the tunes, but Daryn always has his antennae out. He knows when to push it and when to lie back and he does both equally well. He molds his parts around the other instruments and the vocals to provide not mere rhythm but puncuation. He is the most complementary drummer I have ever played with and I feel honored to be on stage with him.

There was some mix-up initially as we took the gig with the understanding that we would be the opening band. Daryn is still learning the material, and we don't have a full night's worth of tunes just yet. BUT, it turns out that the members of Subterfuge were cut the same deal. Since they had an even shorter set planned and lived further away, we let them go on first and in the end I am glad we did. The crowd they brought in stuck around through the majority of our set and happily mingled with the folks who had come to see us.

Crowd response in general was great. Lots of dancing, lots of response to the couple of Pink Floyd tunes we did...or at least the "couple" we intended to do before the requests started rolling in. Before we knew it, we were up to our elbows in euphoric Floyd fans who were begging for more. We were, however, able to get back on track before too long and ended the show on our own material, and fortunately it also was received well. Since we have spent so much time and effort on the Pink Floyd Tribute project lately that we have not been giving our own music all of the care and attention it needs. Tonight we were honestly a little looser for it, but we are definitely on our way to something special. It felt so good to once again be back to pouring my heart and soul into my own songs on stage, and have such an amazing, enthusiastic, heartening response.

I can't wait to do it all over again.

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers