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Date: Mon 11 May, 2009 at 21:31
Headline: Perspective II

A friend of mine is putting together a new project and has recently turned to Craigslist to widen the net of prospective bandmates. She has been sharing some of her more entertaining responses, such as this one:

Hi, I play guitar.Transposing songs would be a HUGE problem for me so keep that in mind and maybe you shouldn't reply.

or this one:

I can sing harmony but not higher notes. No, not the really low or bass ones either. Please send me a list of songs you would have a hard time not playing so I can see if they are songs I'm happy with. While at it, I have a question about repair for my Roland GW-7 keyboard. I will probably attempt it myself since I'm into risking getting inside electronics and cars.

or this one:

Hey, I am interested in joining the band. Im 22 yrs old and quite experienced, but I am wondering whether you have access to a drum kit or own one that I can play on?

Whatever my lot in life, no matter the challenges I may face as a musician, at least I'm not embroiled in wave after wave of that. ;)

(Oh, and if you're a musician in or around Ft Lauderdale FL looking for a steady gig playing an eclectic mix of pop/rock/country covers with an outstanding female vocalist, talk to Zan.)