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Date: Sat 18 Apr, 2009 at 15:15
Headline: A new Note....from Matt?!?

Greetings and Salutations, to steal a stolen line.

We have been experiencing a number of major changes here in SONWorld, not the least of which is Thom convincing me to actually lend pixels to my thoughts and contribute to the blog.

It has been quite a year so far, entering the second quarter and not having performed a gig since last November as Thom has completed his move to sunny CA and I have been preparing to take the big plunge into wedded bliss at the end of April. We’ve been keeping in touch electronically and trying to get Thom set up with his very own home studio (my little boy is growing up -- maybe he gets to engineer the next album), but for the most part my musical role of late has been listener or spectator. I got turned onto Joe Bonamassa a couple months ago and if you’ve never heard him, you should take a listen. If you play guitar he will make you either want to practice more or quit forever. We caught him live last month at The Depot and it has definitely given me the itch to get back onstage and abuse some of my guitars. We are working on putting together a micro-tour for the end of May and I’m anxious to shake off the rust. Needless to say, we hope to see all of the SON family out to support us or at least to make enough noise to cover up our mistakes.

On the album side of things, we are looking to go back into full-swing very soon. The drum tracks have been completed for some time and I have been adding a pinch of guitar here and there with an occasional vocal attempt. It will be very interesting listening back to some of our tracks after such a long layoff. With Clarity, I never seemed to get much of a break from the songs and being so close to them led me to make some decisions in performance or production that I sometimes wish I could take back. Perhaps some time off from the new tracks will lend me some objectivity, or maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder. In either case, I’m anxious to dive in and start polishing them up.

But first I have to get hitched and get back from the Caribbean. I’ll try to remember to bring you back a souvenir shot glass…