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Date: Tue 20 Jan, 2009 at 21:59
Headline: State Of The Union 2009

Greetings & Salutations!

Jeez...five entries for 2008. Five. That's sad. Just unprecedentedly lame. I resolve to return to a more informative form this year.

Let's begin now, with a quick assessment of where we are at the dawn of 2009.

There has been one very big change recently: just a few weeks ago, I moved from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. The move was made largely for personal reasons, with a few professional ones sneaking in on the side. I'm getting settled in and am very excited to be here.

What does this mean for Sons Of Nothing?

I let Matt know about my intentions soon after I made the decision, and we had hoped to finish up the primary tracking for the next album before it was time for me to go. Unfortunately, there were some stumbles along the way, so we are still working to finish that up. All the drum tracks are completed and a few tunes are fully fleshed out instrumentally, only awaiting vocals and mixdown, but Matt and I still have to deliver the bulk of those vocals, along with a handful of bass, guitar and keyboard parts, and a few doses of our usual FX mischief.

We had a contingency plan, of course -- keeping in mind that A) we knew we might fall short of that specific goal and B) we wanted to keep collaborating in a long-distance capacity regardless, I am now working on putting together the necessary gear to track my parts from here, while Matt works on his own contributions and begins mixing the tunes that are further along the pipeline.

Once we have this new system up and running and relatively bug-free (fingers and toes firmly crossed, all wood-like surfaces solidly knocked upon) we should be able to finish things up in the next few months, then we will be looking into gigging to support the album. Given our current geographical configuration, continuing as a viable live band will bring another set of challenges, but we are confident that they are challenges we can overcome.

And after that? Many possibilities, none set in stone. But SoN will continue, of that you may be sure.

More stories later.

But not as late as the last time I said "later."