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Date: Sun 23 Nov, 2008 at 12:26
Headline: Catching Up...

Ok, then.

This is probably the longest period in the history of the band that the blog has been silent, but distractions abound...not the least of which has been our feverish toil to complete the new CD, and the recent spate of gigs which have served to distract us from even that.

Yesterday, we had what looks to be our final major session with Dave Geiselmayr, which wraps drums on the new CD. We will most likely bring him back for a few percussion overdubs here and there, but as of now we're calling the kit work finished, and it's great to have a firm foundation for every tune.


Next Saturday, Dave, Matt and I will rock the house in Lehi with Too Daze Gone (always a barnburning combo) and have yet another chance to unleash these new songs live. I really need to stop saying "it's the last gig of the year" because somehow the fates keep conspiring to prove me wrong. Not that it isn't a great problem to have: "Gee, folks just keep offering us chances to play out, and it's really a bit of a drag..."

Then, it's gauntlet-running time for me as I desperately try to get the rest of my parts tracked by the end of the year. As Douglas Adams once wrote, there's no rest for the wicked....not even the extremely wicked.

Here we go!