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Date: Tue 30 Oct, 2007 at 12:24
Headline: Wrapping up ROCKtober...
...said he, with an ironic smirk.

This really was supposed to be a busy gigging month -- by my admittedly lax standards, anyway. I was slated to play out with various bands every week, including a few out of town jaunts. In the end, only two of the proposed gigs actually happened, but they were both cool.

It was especially satisfying to take SoN to Denver last week for Progenstein's Halloween Bash at The Oriental Theater, opening for our friends Pindral. We got to play a full, mostly-original set including a couple of new tunes, then sit back and check out Pindral's full-on Halloween theatrics, which were amazingly elaborate and well-executed -- put our meager dyed hair to shame, I tells ya.

Mike Thiriot made his debut on stage with us at this gig, and integrated very smoothly into the proceedings. It was particularly fun to watch he and Matt trading riffs on "Positively Evil" and pushing each other's boundaries on "Mr Serious."

The Oriental's stage made for a great testing ground as I went wireless for the first time in...well, ever. Very liberating to have that little mental stress tag marked "Don't Step On Your Cord!" erased, hopefully for good.

Many thanks to the Pindral folks (Larry, Steve, Gretchen, Dave, Jamie, Scott & Tim) for the invitation, the entertainment, and the hospitality, as well as a great Porcupine Tree bootleg that made for excellent traveling music on the way home. Can't wait to do it again, hopefully sooner than later...

...but now, it's time to go make an album!