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Date: Mon 20 Aug, 2007 at 15:24
Headline: Deja Vu All Over Again
Greetings & Salutations! would appear that I'm not quite out of the Floyd business yet.

When we decided to split the two projects up earlier this year, I told Tim that I was available to fill in on bass if the need arose; after all, it's not like I'll be forgetting any of these songs....uh, ever. And, a few weeks ago, I got the call.

So far it's been an interesting mix of the familiar and the new. In addition to Tim, Juli, and I, the current FloydShow lineup (now working under the name "Anderson's Council") consists of Mike Thiriot on guitar and Jason Giron on drums (both longtime friends of SoN) and Eric Litovsky (who played with the FloydShow from '02-'04) on keys. So while I already know all of these folks, this is definitely a different combination that we're playing in, and the feel of the material has changed accordingly.

Some of the initial rehearsals (and the first gig we did together) were pretty shaky, but by the time we hit the stage at The Oriental Theater last week, things really seemed to gel. The on stage chemistry has also changed quite a bit. I'm in much more of a supporting position than before, holding down the fort while Tim does his frontman thing, and so far everyone seems to be comfortable with that arrangement. Between that and not having to worry about any of the administrative or PR stuff (especially the challenge of constantly cross-promoting two separate projects) it certainly made things less stressful on my end.

Right before this picture was taken...

...Tim turned to me and asked "So is this the Gilmour/Waters reconcilliation moment?" We all had a good laugh, and afterwards, I just couldn't resist...

Downright eerie, ain't it?

How much longer will this situation last? No idea, but as long as it does I plan to have fun with it. We are set to head back to Colorado this week, and possibly again in the fall.

Things on the SoN front are shaping up to get busy as well, but that's another story for another time...