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Date: Tue 07 Aug, 2007 at 23:22
Headline: Snakes, Arrows, Dharma & Geeks
Greetings & Salutations!

My ears are still kinda ringing. Cool.

Top 5 Songs from the RUSH concert last night:

1) Between The Wheels
2) Far Cry
3) Witch Hunt
4) Armor & Sword
5) Secret Touch

Honorable Mention
Tie: Workin' Them Angels & Tom Sawyer

That's right, "Tom Sawyer." Shut up.

One of the things I love about seeing a band with so much history is that sometimes you gain a whole new appreciation for a song that you had either never truly connected with, or -- in the case of Rush's biggest radio staple, mentioned above -- burned out on long ago. Last night was one of those nights. Most of the tunes that hit me the hardest came out of the blue.

It was a fantastic show. Two sets, nearly three hours of music. Spirited performances. Daring song choices. Amazing visuals, bringing the drama and comedy in large, gorgeously rendered doses. Impeccable musicianship, seasoned with just a few of those tiny flaws which remind us that Geddy, Alex, and Neil, for all their virtuosity, really are human after all.

I mentioned the last time I saw these guys that I would never take them for granted again. I'd like to think that I've held up my end of the bargain, and this band deserves every bit of praise afforded them. After over 30 years together they are, if anything, getting better as they get older, and at this point are one of the very few acts from their genre and era who can still play at the commercial level that they do, with as much emphasis on the present as the past. Their chemistry, talent, adventurous nature, fierce independence, underrated (and undernoticed) sense of humor, and personal & professional integrity have always been inspirational to me. I'd have to say that last night's was the best of the 5 Rush shows I've seen over the past decade and change -- and, as always, I do hope it's not the last.

Check out Fozz's blog for a mini-slideshow of pics from our vantage point.

bye for now,