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Date: Sun 01 Jul, 2007 at 15:38
Headline: Trio-style Gig

"Nothing to lose means nothing to fight over."

"Don't Hurt Yourself"

Damn, that was fun.

When Korey from Too Daze Gone e-mailed me last week to ask whether SoN would be interested in opening for them at The Big Easy, it seemed a very unlikely prospect. There were a few hurdles we would have to overcome to make it happen, not the least of which was that we weren't really sure whether there was a band, as such, at this time.

With the split between the FloydShow and the original project, the only goal that Matt and I had for the forseeable future was to record a new album. Beyond that was ...well, beyond that. I had already turned down or procrastinated on a number of other offers for us to play recently, because I wasn't really sure who "us" was, or what we would in fact be playing. Adding to that was the time crunch; after 3 months away from performing live, we'd only have a week to pull a stageworthy 60 minute set together, However, I think that extra pressure was actually what convinced me to try and make it happen -- nothing like a steep challenge to boost adrenaline and shake out complacency. It seemed to me that not only could we do this, but we probably should.

So a few days later, Matt, Daryn and I found ourselves in the practice room, working out power-trio arrangements for several SoN tunes and tossing around suggestions for covers. As I lamented last year, one of the drawbacks of having to perform a full night of another artist's material is that just throwing a random cover in for kicks doesn't really work, so we decided to take advantage of that newfound freedom. It was also cool to be pulling out a few songs that hadn't been played live for a while...and after a couple of rehearsals, it started sounding pretty good.

The gig was the test, though...and I'm happy to say that we had a blast on stage. Things were a little loose, of course, but we pulled it off. We had no idea if the Lehi audience would even be interested in our music, but they seemed appreciative for the most part and and we sold a few CDs. Korey and the boys put on a high-energy 90 minute set after we finished up. Their sound is more straight-ahead rock than our slightly proggier variety, and they had the folks up and dancing pretty frequently. Afterwards, Matt and I stuck around to chat with them about life, the universe, and whatnot. We all agreed that this was a lot of fun, and we need to do it again sometime.

So...there you have it. SoN has returned to its roots as an original rock band, and after last night, the "band" part has begun to solidify. It would be nice to bring in some additional musicians to augment the sound for future shows (hard to imagine "Mussolini," for exmaple, working very well in a trio format) but for now we have do have a core to build around. I'm excited to see what happens next.