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Date: Sat 30 Jun, 2007 at 19:04
Headline: Tim & The FloydShow

So, it's time we make the news official: Tim Hollinger has taken the FloydShow under his wing and spun it off into its own project, separate from SoN. In the broad strokes, this means two things:

A) SoN will no longer be performing FloydShows.
B) Tim will no longer be a regular member of SoN.

There have been many comings and goings within the ranks of this band over the years, and some of the partings have been more or less amicable than others. I have tended to gloss most of them over regardless, preferring instead to focus on the future and the band as a whole....but as I sit here this evening, preparing to go play the first SoN concert ever without Mr Hollinger, I feel compelled to share a few words.

Without Tim, SoN would not have made it past the first few months, and certainly the FloydShow would not have existed and thrived as it did. He's a one of a kind talent and a good man, and the fact that we now find ourselves working apart does nothing to diminish my respect, admiration, and gratitude for everything that he has contributed to this band over the years. I still consider myself his friend and fan, and am excited to see what he cooks up in the future.

Speaking of which, go check out Tim has assembled a talented group of folks to carry on the FloydShow tradition (including some old friends and familiar faces from SoN's past) and hopefully soon we'll all have a chance to experience the results first-hand.

I'd also like to acknowledge the many, many amazing people that the FloydShow has brought into my life and thank you for all of the great experiences that we've shared. In some ways, I will certainly miss it -- paying tribute to my musical heroes has definitely fulfilled some fantasties and opened a few doors that I never expected -- and yeah, I'm a little bummed at the thought of never playing "Echoes" on stage again. ("Comfortably Numb," maybe not so much.) ;-)

Right now, though, I'm more excited about songwriting than I ever have been, and I feel that's where my focus should be. It is my hope that those of you who got hooked on SoN through the FloydShow and then stuck around for the original tunes will continue to stick around and see what our future holds as well.

Showtime approaches, gotta run...