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Date: Thu 15 Mar, 2007 at 13:40
Headline: Big Bag O' Thanks

Greetings & Salutations!

Thanks to everyone who was part of SoN's latest Colorado adventure:

SILVERTHORNE: Maggie Butler for PR, administration and accommodation, Len Anderson for lights, Mark Jeffery for sound, and The Pizza Guy for...well, you know. (Hope you enjoyed "Fearless," dude.) Also special thanks to Fozz for critical support, documentation, and just plain being there.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS: Jennifer Paison for setting up the Lift-Up benefit show, as well as Kelly on the soundboard. Tom Hathaway for the acoustic bass I got to play at that gig, and Tommy Larson for hooking me up with Tom in the first place (it was a Tom Trifecta!) as well as bringing much-needed illumination to the Mahogany Ridge show. Speaking of MR, props to Jake Owens for flexibility, giving us the benefit of the doubt on the double-billing and keeping things running smoothly throughout the night.

DENVER: First and foremost, the Pindral folks for setting the whole thing in motion, plus playing a terrific opening set and being nice enough to document ours as well. Dewey & John for getting a lot done in a very little time (sorry bout the stress and sleep-dep) and coming through in the clutch, PA-wise. Of course, I still can't get Toto's "Rosanna" out of my head, so maybe it's a wash...

Despite varying levels of drama, both on-stage and off, the band was rockin'. Amanda was great with the handling of the merch. Mike Thiriot, making his debut running FX on this run, kicked ass and made it through the gauntlet with all of his limbs still attached and most of his soul intact. Congratulations!

And finally, profound appreciation to the amazing audiences who for some odd reason decided their time, money and attention would be best spent on us. I hope we were able to rise to the occasion, and that we have a chance to meet again soon.

Shine On,