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Date: Mon 23 Oct, 2006 at 14:52
Headline: Stone Knives & Bearskins pt3

Greetings & Salutations!

(Disclaimer: I'd just like to state up front that I consider the iAudio X5 to be a fine machine, this being the third repair job notwithstanding. I know half a dozen other folks who own the same model and have never had any of these maintenance issues, so like so many other challenges in life, I assume that this predicament comes down to bad luck &/or my own foolishness. Ok?)

So, once again the tapes are being deployed...

Concerto II (Sept 1995)

Side A
Roger Waters - Radio Waves
Queensryche - Walk In The Shadows
Tears For Fears - Woman In Chains
Rush - Bravado
Fleetwood Mac - Monday Morning
Talking Heads - Burning Down The House
Queen - Under Pressure
Police - Walking On The Moon
Joe Satriani - Flying In A Blue Dream
Stan Ridgway - Drive She Said
Van Halen - Feelin'
Yes - Heart Of The Sunrise

Side B
Queen - Now I'm Here
Night Ranger - Halfway To The Sun
Def Leppard - Too Late For Love
Joe Walsh - Help Me Through The Night
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Sammy Hagar - Eagles Fly
Joe Satriani - Ice Nine
Fish - Big Wedge
Pink Floyd - One Slip
Fleetwood Mac - I'm so afraid
Police - Can't Stand Losing You
Tears For Fears - Famous Last Words

This (rather unimaginitively-titled) entry is made up entirely of cuts from live albums. There were three Concerto tapes, two of which have now gone missing. I used a 2-track mixer to segue everything together so it would sound like one (semi-)seamless concert. The mixing for each tape side was done live, and sometimes took a couple of passes to get just right. Clearly it seems that in 1995 I had A) a lot of time on my hands for projects like this, and B) not that many live albums, as there seems to be more doubling and tripling up than usual.

Flores Para Los Muertos (July 1993)

Side A
Opening Titles (from "Jurassic Park")
Flores Para Los Muertos (from "Quick Change")
Weird Al Yankovic - Smells Like Nirvana
Lindsey Buckingham - Tusk (live)
Love & Rockets - Lucifer Sam
Word Of The Day (from "MST3k")
Glory, Glory (from "Pippin")
Nuno Bettencourt - Flight Of The Wounded Bumblebee
Steve Vai - Little Green Men
Tears For Fears - I Believe
Joe Satriani - I Believe
Queen - I'm In Love With My Car / Get Down Make Love (live)
Share And Enjoy (from "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy")
Pink Floyd - Not Now John

Side B
The Imperial March (from "The Empire Strikes Back")
Switches Lights & Knobs (from "Airplane II")
Van Halen - Loss Of Control
Lindsey Buckingham - Street Of Dreams (live)
TV's Frank - If Chauffeurs Ruled The World
Yes - Into The Lens
Steve Vai - So Happy
Stan Rigdway - Can't Stop The Show
Dentist! (from "Little Shop Of Horrors")
The Frying Dutchman (from "The Simpsons")
Epiphany (from "Sweeny Todd")
He Said - Suzanne
Roger Waters - It's A Miracle
Was Not Was - Dad I'm In Jail

This was a tape I had put together for a friend (very soundscapey, lots of inside jokes) and ended up liking enough that I also made a copy for myself. One of my weirder compilations, despite the presence of many old standby artists.

Inner Ear (Nov 1996)

Side A
Van Halen - Humans Being
Marillion - Easter (live)
Rush - Driven
REM - Drive
Jack O Pierce - Late Shift
Blues Traveler - Stand
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
Kiss - Nothin' To Lose (unplugged)

Side B
Monkees - Circle Sky (live)
Styx - Little Suzie
Bonepony - Where The Water's Deep
Joan Osbourne - Ladder
Rheostatics - Claire
Billy Pilgrim - Insomniac
Weird Al Yankovic - Generic Blues
Queensryche - Someone Else
Van Halen - Me Wise Magic

Inner Ear is one of my favorites, possibly because it was designed specifically to be a time capsule, instead of becoming one after the fact like most mix tapes. There was a lot of change in the air at the end of 1996, and I wanted a document of the music which had meant a lot to me during that year. Each of these songs tells a little story about something or other: "Pull Me Under" was the opening music for Rick Emerson's show on KCNR, "Where The Water's Deep" and "Insomniac" were covered frequently by the band I was in at the time, the Van Halen bookends commemorate that year's Hagar/Roth drama while the Kiss & Styx tunes heralded (temporarily) happier classic rock reunions, and so forth. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. Kinda cool to have it distilled into a 90 minute retrospecticus.

Lately the set list geek in me has been contemplating putting together a new batch of Concertos. Between having computer-assisted audio editing and much more raw musical material to work with now, it could be fun....

....but really, what would be more fun would be to have the X5 back. Like, now.

BoB Round #3 tonight! Join us for more fun, frivolity, and barely-rehearsed songs from the SoN canon, featuring a rare appearance by keyboard-less Matt!